Thursday, June 19, 2008

Yea Summer Time

Well lots are happening! Jonathan got dedicated at church then we had a small bbq after it was a beautiful day and everyone went swimming! Jonathan will now eat rice cereal just before bed which is nice cause he sleeps longer (yea for me)! He is bigger a whopping 11lbs 2 ozs he can now fit into 3 month clothes and he is 25 inches long and no waist so shorts and pants kinda fall off when you pick him up but has his daddy's shoulders for sure nice and broad, he's going to be a football player get a scholarship go to Michigan State and study to be a lawyer, ok so I am jumping the gun a little. He loves the outdoors looks at everything, loves the water is practically a fish we have only put his feet in the pool and he just smiles and tries to giggle but its not coming out yet! He does have a little of mommys temper and if he doesn't get his bottle in time he will let you know, he is very strong you really have to watch him he will kick his way out of anything! Even his ped. says he is very strong for his age but really he had to be look at everything he has gone through! He is rolling from front to back, is grabbing his toys and putting them in his mouth loves to chomp on them and loves his gums massaged I think its to early to be teething but his ped didn't think so, so maybe in a month we will have a tooth, I hope not he is growing up way way to fast! I looked at him the other day and just can't seem to grasp that he was only 1 lb 12 ozs he is doing so good, growing fast and starting to make little noises I am on the verge of crying again he is such a miracle. I don't know what I did before he was in my life, he is Justin and I's everything he has so many loved ones that care and continue to pray for him he is just perfect and I love him so much!