Friday, May 30, 2008

Is this parenthood?

Jonathan is totally over his cold but now I am sick, I hope I get over this soon I have had it for about 1 week now and I can't take meds because I am still breastfeeding, if its not him being sick its me! Oh well I guess thats being a parent and I still wouldn't trade it for anything!!!
Anyway jonathan is doing good his p.t is very happy with him, he is starting to make noises and trying to roll over. He still isn't holding his head up but he is trying. Justin and I tried cereal with him and that didn't go over well he kicked, cried and spit it out oh well it was probably to soon anyway he is only 3 months corrected (as of June 3rd). We dont see the pediatrician until the 23 of june for vaccines, his weight is about 10lbs 10ozs he is only in the 5th% for weight but 75th for length thats ok I know he is healthy and he eats when he is hungry! We have started showing him off and I have actually have taken him into Costco but was extremly worried so I held him the whole time of course. Well we are going to church this Sunday, please pray for protection from all illnesses! Enjoy the pics of Jonathan trying cereal!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

10lb CLUB!!!!!

Jonathan is over his cold a little bit of a cough still but he is doing so good! He finally hit 10 lbs he is getting longer than heavier he is almost 24 inches. His eyes keep changing from blue to brown so it will be interesting to see what color they will be. All appointments are going good he sees his heart doctor this Thursday and she already said she will be taking him off his medicine for his blood pressure which will be nice for the both of us. He loves bath time he just figured it out that when he kicks he gets mommy all wet!! he is eating very good, I just let him eat when he wants which is about 10 to 12 times during the day but he only takes 40 to 50cc's at a time, he doesn't really want to eat at night I am still waking him but that's o.k hes up to 17 to 18 ozs a day, He is probably going to be tall and thin, he still has no hair just a little fuzzes which are very blond! He loves when mommy dances with him and he loves to stare, he loves when daddy is home cause they cuddle and they both fall asleep together. He is really a sweet baby I cant wait to take him to church and family to show him off! I can't wait till we go up north on our first family vacation we are thinking sometime in July. Jonathan will be getting dedicated at church on the 8th or 9th (second Sunday) of June. He has out grown his newborn clothes and is now in 0-3 months unless its gap or old navy then he is in up to 3 months(they run big)! Its a nice day today so we are off for a stroller ride!
Hope you enjoy the newest pics!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Well after keeping Jonathan in a "bubble" he still managed to get his very first cold! I knew something was up he kept wheezing so we went to the doctors Thursday last week and sure enough the doc said this might be his first little cold, err how could this happen everyone washes their hands nobody is over to visit, except the visiting nurse, physical therapist and the hundreds of doctor appts we go to!! It got so bad that by Monday I was in tears, my baby was coughing so much he didn't pee for 12 hours so off to the docs we went. The doc said we needed to go back to the hospital (NO WAY)!!!!! So Monday we were in the hospital and of course his nurses from the NI came to see him. I tell you I felt a bit like a failure we were only home for 2 weeks my poor baby! Well they were going to start an i.v to put fluids in him but he heard that and started eating on his own! They had to take blood from his heal of so many bad memories, well after 2 failed attempts they took blood from his arm TWICE he is so much stronger than his mommy, he didn't even cry! The docs thought he might need oxygen but he is a trooper and breathed on his own. Well by Tuesday morning he was eating but still had/has a terrible cough so they sent us home! He still has a really nasty cough sometimes so bad I get a bit nervous so they said we get to just wait it out, oh I hope it gets better soon! He is now 9lbs 11ozs. Tomorrow is my very first mothers day, oh yea Jonathan got me a dozen roses man he's amazing!!!