Thursday, July 30, 2009

So heartbreaking!

Jonathan is doing great, he did have a cold and lost about a pound but am very confident he will gain his weight back. He has been very active with grandma and papa, they have spoiled him (nothing new) taking him to fowlerville fair almost everyday he really enjoyed the animals but loved the demolition derby, tractor pulls and another day od demolition derby justin and I both went to the last demolition derby and my parents weren't kidding! Jonathan smiled from ear to ear and just giggled when those engines roared he really loved watching them smash into each other laughing and jumping while daddy was standing him up on his lap. Tell me does that sound like ALL boy to you?!! They have taken him to the movies and he did really well it was an imax movie at greenfield village, my parents have a membership there so they go often, I particularly can go once or twice and I've seen enough but Jonathan loves it too so that is great.

Jonathan started feeding therapy about 2 months ago with a new therapist at a new place. His therapist was really surprised at how eager he wants to eat but gagged if you went any further than his front teeth then said he needs to be desensitized sure dude whatever you say! You can tell I was optimistic about anything working because we have tried what I thought of as everything! Well fast forward to now and Jonathan more then ever wants to eat, we will get something to go and Jonathan watches from his carseat and cries he opens his mouth licks his lips anything to get food in his mouth. So as we pulled over I got him out and I was eating a cheese omelet and Jonathan ate all the gooey cheese and just loved it but this happens ALL the time we have even stopped him from being in his high chair when we eat because he doesn't get that whatever is going on in his belly won't let him have more than a couple ounces even though he might reflux he wants to do it again and cries because he wants real food and clearly as of right now he can take pudding like texture and he won't touch baby food not even stage 3 he wants our food! Well yesterday at his feeding therapy Jonathan ate 1/2 butterscotch pudding he likes flavor no vanilla or chocolate he wants lemon, butterscotch, carmel(pudding of course) Stephanie his o.t can now get her fingers all the way back to his molars no gagging no reflux just sits there looking at her (as we are clapping and praising him) as to say "oh this is what you wanted me to do , no biggie" and opens his mouth a little bigger he has done this for the last couple weeks with this week being the best. So next week we will be trying crushed graham crackers in pudding to change a little of the texture. He still drinks about 3-4 ounces of water a day by mouth on top of his blended high calorie smoothies(smoothies by g tube). He also loves sweet tea, thats my boy right there!!! I tried giving him propel a flavored water with just a tiny bit of calories. SO I asked him do you want water, I wasn't lying it is water just a little berry flavor he eagerly opened his mouth happy to take some, as I put it in his mouth he looked at me as though I was poisoning him and preceded to spit it out he thought it was the grossest thing ever he didn't let me hold him the rest of the night thank GOD it was in the evening I felt terrible. I'll let him stick with water sweet tea and a little bit of cola, all I can say is I tried! SO hopefully with prayer and lots of it, he will be able to take the crushed crackers and we can move to bigger things.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's a......


20 weeks along and going strong, I went today to make sure everything looks good and baby looks great she is getting big and had her feet and hands in her mouth. In two weeks they will be doing measurements and weight. I am starting to get nervous any little twitch or cramp I just start praying! This little girl has a lot more baking to do!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Look at my boy, I am so proud!

Ok so I said we were getting a kid walker, well the p.t thought lets try the pony walker and see what happens. I had tears, he was so happy when grandpa put him in it. Jonathan has not really attempted to walk but look at him his head is held high just a rest behind his head he has it up without my help, he was standing!!! Now don't get me wrong he got very tired after about 10 minutes and his head did plop down but 10 minutes is huge, humungous, ginormous o.k you get the point, I am just so amazed at my little man!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hippo Therapy, My big 30th, Fourth of July and Walking N Rolling

Jonathan is doing great with horse therapy his legs are very loose which is helping with his walking, his head control is still loose however both p.t and o.t and of course us have noticed when his head falls he does control it to bring it back up! He hates wearing his helmet so usually halfway through its off his head and he is so happy.

I had my big 30 which my husband did a fantastic job at planning, it was on the fourth so we had a great firework display too. Jonathan was is a great mood the whole day he is now getting another molar so he has been a little pukey and whiny.

Jonathan is getting a walker I am so thrilled about this. He has been "walking" with our help of holding his upper half for a good while so our p.t has insisted on getting him a Kid Walker I seen it a couple weeks ago and it is so cool! The wheels light up and it fits Jonathan pretty good he might have to grow another inch but since it takes 3 months to get it we mine as well get it now plus our p.t is going to let us borrow one for the time being. Jonathan has been getting around the house by using his feet he plants them on the floor and pushes off he is getting really good at this we leave him for a minute and he is in a completely new area. He also is rolling not all the time but doing better then he has he hates being on his belly so if you hear him cry you usually know he ended up on his belly!

We just ordered Jonathans glasses he looks like a little professor and they will be here in about 2 weeks. He continues to do really good at responding, we ask him if he wants water he opens his mouth and he is taking it by sippy cup, we ask him what a doggy does and he sticks out his tongue and pants like a dog (that is what his new speech therapist taught him) he is now saying "hi" when HE wants to but does do it for the therapists and of course new girls he meets(my little flirt)! We are now starting to go to a new speech therapist she is great, we are going to work on switches for him and practice more speech he will mimic what the therapist is saying ex. she will say bu bu bubbles then proceed to blow bubbles which is one of his favorite things in the world and then you see Jonathan put his lips together like trying to do this and using the switches has actually been proven to want kids that are going to be verbal use their voice sooner, I don't know but he says hi and we only used a switch a handful of times!

Check out this picture of Jonathans hair, its getting out of control people will ask if we cut his hair like this, uh no its a natural mohawk!

About the baby, I am still pregnant and showing, the diabetes is killing me but oh well. We went in for our 18 week survey and all measurements were great actually the baby is weighing 9oz thats the 70th percentile yippee!! Oh for any of you that want to know the sex I will say in my next post in a few days don't you just love suspense!