Sunday, January 23, 2011

Little stinker!

Well Leah is only 14 almost 15 months old yet we are introducing the potty!

She will NOT keep her diaper on! We have even started putting them on backwards and that has seemed to do the trick for most of the time! She will go down for her nap and every time I went in to check on her there she is sleeping with no diaper on! So one afternoon I was watching and caught her in the act! If you notice in her left hand is her diaper going over board!

So during the day we ask her do you need to go potty and she says pah pah meaning pee pee! We make it this great big deal and put her on the potty she sits and makes the noise pisssss like she is...well peeing! So cute but it only last a few seconds then she is done that's it back to playing!

This is a picture of my mom! The kids get so happy when she is around, they love their me me!

Just because she is so cute!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Our 2nd round of HBOT

So here we are with 15 more dives down, that makes 55 total! We seen results almost instantly. Was it because Jonathan had 40 previous dives or is it because we increased his pressure to 1.75 ATA? Who knows but I am happy. Justin and I are already talking about doing another 40 dives this coming summer (August?) we really, really want to do stem cell but after much prayer I think we are doing what God wants us to do for now! I believe God will show us when we are to do the stem cell, we are ready to go on the next plane however we only will do adipose tissue stem cells, which Jonathan is not "fat" enough to do or bone marrow stem cells. So that limits us to only a selective few places that do this. I guess to see results we and therapist have seen this is the BEST alternative therapy including therapeutic riding. We want to see results and we have so we can't complain just be super thankful for what has and is happening!

So the first thing we (us and therapists) have seen was after 3 dives is muscle spasticity decrease.
This is huge for Jonathan since he can be super spastic at times! Next we seen him again looking to the right something that is also hard for him to do! He is more controlled in his movement of his arms, which will help when we try out the power wheelchair at the end of this month!!
He speech is coming along still not loud but you can watch him try so very hard to mimic what your saying that of course is huge! He has learned "s" he puts his teeth together and hisses, and what we came up with is sissy. So we asked him "can you say sissy?" and sure enough sissy came out and a HUGE smile afterwards! Love it! I can't explain how big this is and I know its only going to get better with time and HBOT!!

So this new place we are going to is very different than the place we went to in North Carolina. First, its more money! However I do like the analogy the owner, Tammi said. Where we went in N.C is like a Chevrolet's and here at Oxford its more like a rolls royce!
And yes I have to agree. The mono chamber is nothing to compare to a multi chamber! We need no ear drops, no nasal sprays, no temperature checks, and no checking of the ears! Why? Because it is so easy to get to pressure, my ears pop maybe 2 to 4 times and Jonathan doesn't even flinch. It takes about 10 minutes to get to the 1.75ATA then we stay at that pressure for 1 hour then it takes 10 minutes to come back up, so a total of about an hour and half! We watch movies and let me tell you that Jonathan is such a different boy inside the chamber. I challenge anybody that knows Jonathan to come up to Oxford and see him and tell me he looks the same! This boy is moving, swinging his arms like I have never seen, moves his head left and right, its amazing, NO, it's unbelievable! Justin came up one day and wanted to see what this mono chamber was all about and was floored at the little boy he was looking at. This day that Justin came up was a hard day, for me! Jonathan wanted to roll all over me, he kept hitting me in the face and then was turning his head and trying to bite my clothes (which is something he is making a habit out of in the chamber)!
I am still in awe that he is like this at that pressure but as soon as we come up to room air he is less spastic for sure but he just can't do all the rolling, hitting and just the way he moves is not the same as if we were at 1.75ATA!

Why did we choose 1.75 instead of 1.5 ATA because the owner at Oxford has seen some marvelous things happen even in her own child! They work with doctors and professors that specialize in HBOT. They would like to see us at 2.4 ATA eventually but I have my own reservation so we will just go at a slower pace but I do think next time we will move to 2.0. I may even do 2.0 for our last 5 or 10 dives and see how it goes!

This place rocks I love it, I love the kids I have met and have made more friends! Its nice to go somewhere and they "get it". Its nice to be with people that know what vaccine injury is and support us for what we believe! Its nice to be surrounded by christians and know that the Lord is working in each of our families, all in different ways but he is there and listening!

If anybody would like more information on Oxford Hyperbaric please go to their website, its pretty informative.