Tuesday, February 14, 2012

THis pregnancy...

I am almost 35 weeks. This pregnancy is the easiest of all the pregnancies. The time has flown by except now it seems everyday is in slooooow motion.

I never really told the story of how I became pregnant, well I guess we all know "how" it happened but I had the statistic since I was 20yrs old that I could not have children without help. The boys were assisted and Leah was from our stored frozen embryo's.

It was at the end July beginning of August we went to Michigan's adventure with my family and in laws. It was a fun vacation and on our way home we stopped at burger king. We went inside and I had this really funny feeling, like nausea. Justin looked at me and asked if I was o.k. I told him with a smirk it's weird I feel like when I was pregnant with nausea. He laughed and said "well we know that can't happen!" I laughed it off. As we drove home I just couldn't eat the sandwich I felt really sick. We got home and my parents were with us so I took Justin to the bedroom and said " I think we need to get a pregnancy test" I will never forget the look on his face, a look of are you serious?

Well Justin went up to the store and bought a regular test and I took it and it had one really strong line and another line but it was faint. I called my friend and said I don't know what to think! I told her and of course she was so happy. She said two lines no matter how faint meant I was pregnant. WHAT? HOW? Will the baby be o.k? Is this going to be an atopic pregnancy since the reason behind my infertility is blocked tubes?

7 tests later and all positive! I bought the ones that actually read "pregnant" "not pregnant" I made an appointment with the high risk team at u of m. They had me come in and I was about 6 weeks along and we got to hear the heartbeat, a beautiful strong heartbeat! The baby was in the right area.

I had such emotions. I didn't know if I could do this again what about Jonathan and Leah how would they do with another sibling. How will I handle Jonathans therapies and make sure he gets the time he needs and help he needs. I was feeling completely overwhelmed. Justin was so happy. The friend that I called about the test I called again and told her how I was feeling and she was such a great support person and still is! The week before we went on vacation I went clothes shopping with my friend for our kids and as I looked at the baby boy clothes I said " I would some day maybe like another little boy but just not right now" I always think of that and how God works in such mysterious ways!! We still laugh about that today!

I developed gestational diabetes again, got a cerclage which will be coming out next week and did the progesterone shots.

This pregnancy has been completely different than the other two too. Even with Leah there were similarities with the boys pregnancy. I had heartburn with this pregnancy but also threw up a lot. It stopped around 13 weeks and got a huge burst of energy. I never had any restrictions and have lifted Jon and Leah with no problems. I felt flutters around 17 weeks and at 19 weeks we found out we were having a perfect little boy!! With the other two pregnancies the placenta grew anterior so the kicks were felt but from the sides. This pregnancy the placenta grew posterior and have felt everything, from kicks to stretches and couple punches here and there. He is so active and I love it I loved this whole pregnancy. AT about 32 weeks I noticed I was slowing down and up until about 33 weeks we were going on mini trips with the kids to the hotel/waterpark. This weekend we are going again to a hotel for a get away and to get my maternity photos!

I am now 34.4 and getting daily NST and signed consent forms today for a vbac birth. I am also having a midwife and going to start in a birthing tub and then try for the vbac. Of course things can change and if baby needs out I will get another csection and I am o.k with that too. Whatever gives us another healthy baby!