Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A miracle? No, he is a survivor!

So many people tell me what a miracle Jonathan is and yes he is a miracle but I would have to say he is more of a survivor!
A miracle is a baby that last 40 weeks in a womb with no complications,comes out crying, has an apgar score of between 8 and 10, is able to cuddle with the momma after getting cleaned up and after a couple days of being in the hospital while mommy recovers gets to go home! That is a miracle! Jonathan didn't get any of that however he did survive! He survived a premature birth of 25 weeks, he survived inside an incubator (far from the comforts of the womb), the endless suctioning, the pokes, the lights, the noise, the touching and a surgery! He survived a breathing machine that did all the work of "breathing" for him. He survived from getting any illnesses that would require more intervention. He survived from getting ROP, NEC, MRSA, and brain bleeds. He survived after a PDA surgery at 2 weeks old!He survived 5 months in the NICU! He SURVIVED even after the doctors told us he wouldn't!!
Even as the days go on he is still our survivor and always will be!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

11 months old!!

Holy cow 11 months, REALLY?!
Leah is amazing, seriously she is a great girl! She is into everything pretty happy but also is very dramatic a nice combination! She keeps us on our toes! She is walking along all the furniture and will stand for a few seconds before falling onto her bum! Everything seems so easy for her it makes me happy and sad. To see and experience what "typical" really is, makes it frustrating to me and to see what Jonathan should be doing. But I do praise God because I have learned so much from Jonathan that has helped me along the way for Leah! So just some things that Leah does and says!
Waves bye bye and hi
blows kisses
puts arms up for "up"
says hello
baba(for her bottle but also for Jonathan((bubba))
waztha for whats that
ooh ooh aah aah for a monkey
and I think thats it!

I can't believe she is going to be 1 in a couple weeks. I was so happy when Jonathan turned one. I couldn't wait to throw his party gosh I had it 2 months early(because of rsv season) but was so ready and excited! Not so much this time maybe because she's the baby and I know there won't be any more babies coming from my body. I did want to have 4 to 5 kids, Justin and I talked about this before getting married we wanted a big family! But with everything that has happened with both pregnancies this will be it and even though I am a bit sad I know I have the two best kids in the world!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A need to brag!!!!

I am the happiest mom ever, when I heard that Jonathan walked in the "Hopsa" I was happy. But then the teacher said they took video I was estatic! It brought tears to my eyes, this is great. Here is to another milestone!
BTW this is not the way I brought Jonathan to school! He was wearing a shirt over his onsie and he did have his afo's and shoes on!