Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Random Disney photos

Some random Disney photos.

This picture is taken at the Coca Cola factory in Atlanta. The red chair is the one used in the first season of American Idiol, my brother thought it was cool, Jonathan not so much!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jonathan says "I love you"

So as I mentioned in the last post Jonathan says I LOVE YOU! I am beyond words, I am amazed I am estatic! For Jonathan to do this is simply amazing. The first video is him saying I love you. The second video is him saying hi but not quite doing that for me, then he tells us what monster say, he loves doing that he tries "scarring" us often its a hoot then again Jonathan says I love you. Just watch the video I think you might be just as amazed! I love my little man!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Walt Disney World 2010!

We are back from our fabulous 2 week trip to Florida, granted we took 2 days to get there and 2 days to get home just cause I didn't want the kids to be cooped up in the car for to long. I drove most of the way there looking at the vans temp. gauge rising higher and higher I loved it. We first stopped at our favorite place Corbin Kentucky, home of Cumberland Falls what a gorgeous place. My parents used to take my brother and I there every year for our family vacation and can't wait to start taking Jonathan and Leah! We awoke from our hotel to 2 inches of snow, really no big deal but down there they pretty much acted like it was a blizzard, how funny!
We then stayed in Atlanta Georgia and visited the Coca Cola factory what a fun place Jonathan enjoyed this immensely they had over 60 flavors of coke brand sodas and Jonathan tried almost all of them:) the one from Africa he liked a lot, it was a fruity flavor but all in all his favorite was regular coke! Do you remember vanilla coke? I forgot about that till I tried it not my favorite but its o.k. We then headed to our condo we rented. It was very nice when we arrived the temp gauge reading a beautiful 71. Then it rained the next day so we went to Disney Quest( all video games and some simulated rides) mostly for my brother but Jonathan loved the lights and sounds. We visited Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure not much Jonathan can go on but again he enjoyed the shows, lights, music! We also went to Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios(formally MGM studios) Hollywood Studios was great they have a show from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse one of Jonathans favorite shows so when Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy came out and sang the hot dog song he was smiling from ear to ear. When they had the kids get up and dance he looked at us as to say "well you going to help me up or what" I stood him up and he moved his legs and was laughing it made me so happy but also broke my heart that he wants to do these things himself and I watch him watch the other kids, Jonathan is no dummy he knows what he wants he just can't understand why he can't do it like the other kids. My complete confidence is in GOD with this matter I know he has a plan with Jonathan and it will be the greatest plan I could have ever thought of! We also went on a behind the scenes tram ride that all of us went on and a journey through the movies ride we all went on all in all that park was fun for Jonathan but I have to say Magic Kingdom was by far the greatest. They were the kindest people to Jonathan! They handed him stickers they talked to him and when we went on the rides they let us sit in the very front. He loved the ride "Its a small world" which is a boat ride with dancing people all over the different countries. He went on a Nemo ride, and a Snow White ride.
Leah also got to go on all these rides! Again I can't say enough about just how nice these people were to Jonathan it made me very happy! Epcot was o.k not much to do with the kids except walk around which would have been fine but we picked the one day it was 78 degrees outside so we hopped back to Magic Kingdom! Another really cool thing is that I am still a little shy when it comes to b.feeding Leah so I am not like some of the moms I seen just walking around with their kid latched on making it look really easy. I have to sit down and I like privacy and Disney is great they have kid care centers in their parks in which there are private rooms for mommies! We also used these rooms to feed Jonathan! This trip was great it would have been better if daddy was there but in his line of business he was really needed!!!! It did rain another day and the nights were cold 50s I know not as cold as Michigan but when you walk around all day in the 70s then in a matter of hours its in the 50s its COLD! The kids did wonderful I can not complain the ride down was great we stopped a lot to stretch and get some fresh air but the kids never whined, Leah slept most of the time. They slept beautiful every night. We did have a scare though, one morning as I was dressing Jonathan I noticed red spots all over his back front and head but not the face arms or legs!? I thought oh my gosh its chicken pox I wa so scared so I used the Internet and googled and thought it didn't really match up but heat rash looked more like it. So I bought some calamine lotion and viola the next day it was gone! I was so relieved! The very best thing happened while on this vacation I was giving kisses to Jonathan and said I love you nothing new I say this every night but what happened next brought tears to my eyes! When I said this he said it back now at first I admit as a mom I have always wanted to hear these words but I turned around and looked at him, he was smiling and I said I love you he did it again I screamed literally!!!! I called my dad and brother and said listen he did it again knowing we understood him he was laughing, I am very proud of him because when I post the video you will see it takes a lot for him to do this. I am so proud of his accomplishments, as one mom put it its inchstones instead of milestone with preemies and I don't care I'll take it! On the way home we stopped in Tenn. to visit my aunt and cousins they recently moved there from MI . We miss them dearly but know how much they love it there and the boys go to an excellent christian college (Lee University) and they are both doing great! We got home to Michigan and snow we watched the temp gauge from FL. to MI go lower and lower VERY depressing! So we are back and getting into the swing of things again and can't wait till March for our family trip still not sure on where we're going but it looks like smokey mountains. I will post the video of Jonathan saying I love you soon!