Friday, December 31, 2010

Lets close up 2010 and bring on 2011!!!

Man 2010, What an awesome year! I think this is the first year I can say we have lived normally!! We take the kids everywhere and just enjoy being a family! Jonathan did get a pretty nasty cold but all is well and both kids are very healthy. we did a lot of trip this past year and already planning next year with a cruise and going to sesame street! Jonathan is doing great with hyper barics oxygen and we already see results, muscle tone is so much better and he is taking such better steps! Its nice to get a therapists sight on this and she agrees with how much it has helped decrease his spasticity! It looks like stem cell is on hold again as I am really trying to go to Germany but nobody is calling us back so obviously this is not our time to go. We will start fundraising in the coming year including a car wash and selling tshirts!

Christmas was so much fun. Both kids loved opening gifts and Leah helped bubba open his!
Both kids love each other so much they get along great but of course Jonathan gets a bit irritated when Leah comes and knocks down the blocks I made for HIM to knock down but because he is such a lovie he just laughs it off! Leah is sassy and very determined with whatever she has on her mind and it is almost impossible to distract her! I have been reading love and logic and so far it has helped not only her but us from ALWAYS saying NO!
Well I can't wait for the new year to begin because I just know it will be great! I LOVE MY KIDS and am so happy to tell the whole world (well, world wide web!)!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Time is flying by!

Where is the time going?!
We are really enjoying the last bits of 2010! We went to great grandmas for thanksgiving and enjoyed visiting the family. The kids are getting big, o.k well Leah is getting bigger but they are both getting smarter and cuter. Leah's hair is finally coming in and has a few strands in her face but I refuse to get her a hair cut yet it actually would be pointless its only her bangs, that's what barrettes are for, right?! We went to our annual Christmas play while my cousins watched Leah and grandma watched Jon. Justin and I have been spoiled with our "sitters" and have enjoyed spending some quality time together! We just got back from Kalahari and already planning our next trip. This place is the best, something for everyone. Jon LOVED the lazy river the water was very warm as well as the wave pool. Leah liked the kiddie land the best and they both are like momma and enjoyed the hot tub!! This place was very awesome with a swim up snack bar and bar for those virgin drinks for me! They have 9 slides not including the kiddie ones. Of the 9 slides 3 were family rides for 4 people. We went with our friends and their children and my friends would take the kids so we could enjoy some of the rides! They have some great deals on their website ( actually the room we were in (the two room family suite) usually goes for about 400 a night and we got it for 110 a night!! We stayed for 3 days and our friends spoiled us with a private hut, all the other visitor have to mingle with each other however if you have a "hut" its your own with flat screen t.v, refrigerator, two couches lounge chairs and of course room service! This made it very nice for nap time! The food was delicious and desserts were even better! We just had a lot of fun with really great friends! I will upload pics as soon as I can!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

3 years old!

(Last Year)

Happy birthday to my little man. To a little boy that wasn't supposed to make it! You beat all odds, you are so strong and a little warrior. I love you so much. You have shown me a world I would have never known, I have met people I would have never met I am a better person because of you. I see the world in a different view. I love you for you! I want to make your world the best it can be. I want you to experience everything. I want you to love the person you are, I want you to love life and I will make that my life promise to you, to make sure you live life to its fullest! You not only make me proud but daddy too and everyone you meet. You have have made us so proud of everything you have and are achieving. You surprise us constantly. This year has been the very best, you have come so far. I can't wait to see what this new year brings. I can't stress to you how much I love you, and how everything seems all better when I see your smile and you give me nice sloppy kisses! Jonathan, you are the best little boy a mother could dream of. I love you till infinity and back!

( This year)

Love you dude,

Friday, November 12, 2010

Jonathans Journey

As most of you know Jonathan was born 15 weeks to soon along with his twin brother Preston who is now in heaven! Jonathan was in the hospital for a little over 5 months. He had a surgery at just 2 lbs not even a month old yet however he survived! He endured endless pokes to obtain blood and he still has the scars on his heal today! He has had to face a lot in his young life and now he has to deal with having cerebral palsy. He has been diagnosed as a quadriplegic which means all 4 limbs are effected. He has limited head, arms and leg control. He eats by a tube that is placed right into his stomach. And even though he has all these involvements he is still the happiest little guy around!

He is involved in physical therapy, speech therapy and horseback riding and even though these things help we want to do more! So after much research we want to take Jonathan to Germany! Here we will get him stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy is a drug-free alternative focused on affecting physical changes in the brain that can improve a child's quality of life.There is a lot of controversy out there regarding stem cell and why we picked Germany is because they use the persons own stem cells! So the procedure is that they take bone marrow from Jonathan's hip then after collecting the bone marrow they process it in a laboratory and both the quality and quantity are measured. These cells have the potential to transform into multiple types of cells and are capable of regenerating or repairing damaged tissue. Then the stem cells are implanted back into Jonathan by lumbar puncture.

Like I said we want to do this but need help with the cost. Its approx. 12,500 USD. That does not include the hotel, airfare, transportation or food! So if you could spare even a dollar it would make a difference in a very special little boy!

Everything should be falling into place soon. We are looking into doing a spaghetti dinner and have already received some donations! We also will have t shirts for sale in a couple weeks! Every donation and every sale from the dinner and t shirts will go to Jonathan!

The kids birthday party

What a fantastic day we had for the birthday party! We had it at a gymnastic center. They had trampolines, a foam pit, ropes, beams they did some fun activities with all the kids including a parachute game! I think all the kids had fun. Jonathan really liked the trampoline and Leah loved the beams and ring things you hang on. We will be getting her into gymnastics as soon as she is old enough! We sang happy birthday then the kids got their cakes. Jonathan liked it but was more interested in his sister demolishing hers! Leah was timid at first then went to town there was no cake left when she was done she was even going to eat the plate! They kids got plenty of gifts. It was a lot of fun with family and friends. I can't believe my baby girl is 1 and Jonathan will be 3 in a couple weeks!



Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Leah!!

Leah is a year old today!
This year flew bye so fast. I can remember last year like it was yesterday! I was going in for weekly non stress tests and diabetic check ups. I went in on a regular check up all looked great, fluid was right on, heart beat perfect and the most beautiful face ever! Then the general questions of how I was feeling and such. Then the nurse asked me how my insulin levels were doing and I didn't think anything of it but told her "well I haven't had to take any insulin and I had a cookie and my blood sugar was around 80" The nurse looked extremely concerned and said that is not normal you don't go from needed 100+units of insulin to nothing and being able to eat a cookie! So she got my doctor who said go get a milkshake drink it then check your blood sugar level 2 hrs later! I did exactly what he said and called and told them it was in the 80's. He said we were to come in the next day and be prepared for Leahs birth happening tomorrow! I told Justin and of course we were nervous but also knew we made it a lot longer then 25 weeks and we knew of the possibility of some NICU time. We went in checked blood sugar levels and then did a NST then the doctor came in and said we had to deliver! So Justin wheeled me down to birthing area they started hooking me up, everyone was taking guesses of weight and no lie I guessed 5 lbs 5ozs Justin guessed 6lbs and everyone else was in between except for some crazy resident that thought she would be about 7lbs?! They said the birth(c-section) would take place approx. 2pm we called everyone and did some texting we had lots of prayers going on for a safe and healthy baby. Justin was extremely nervous I was a bit nervous but I was also at peace knowing that this time the whole time I was pregnant with Leah I never had control but its God that I put in control. I knew this pregnancy would be o.k! It was 3pm when the doctor came in and said its time, o.k now I was nervous just because c-sections and the last time with the boys was so fast and scary! This time was so different. I was wheeled in met the doc that would give me a spinal and he was a cool as heck never felt a thing!So after the spinal Justin came in. There was the doctor and his assistant, a resident, a nurse and the anesthesiologist. Justin held my hand until they gave him the all clear to start video taping. Then he video taped them cutting me! This is kinda how it went down:

Justin with the video camera no less: Laura this is so cool, I have never seen someones guts just laying on them!

Me: Justin please, I am a little nauseated

Justin: But Laura this is so cool, OH MY GOSH THAT'S WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE IN THERE!!!!


The doctors: Justin why don't you sit down next to your wife for a little bit!

Justin o.k but can I keep the camera so we can watch this later?!

docs: thats fine just sit down!

Me: Thank You

Then all of a sudden there was this ear piercing cry, Justin jumped up, I was crying and laughing what beautiful music!Out came little miss Leah! She had the cord around her neck twice! They let me hold her all gooey and everything cord still attached. Then they took her, cleaned her up, weighed her 5 lbs 4.7ozs!They told us she was perfect and didn't need any intervention, she was sucking away at the nurses fingers and breathing perfectly! All I kept hearing was Justin asking them are you sure she doesn't need any oxygen or anything are you sure and even though they kept reassuring him he still was very nervous. At one point he said should I come get you if she looks like she may need more oxygen and they said she won't she is perfectly normal! I watch the video often so thats how I know all this part! The pediatrician looked her over and then they gave her to me, my beautiful, perfect, healthy baby girl! I only held her a minute because I was so nauseated and when they handed her to Justin he looked like a brand new dad! He was so scared of breaking her even though two years prior we had a 1 lb 12 oz baby and a 1 lb 15 oz baby! SO after I recovered I was sent to my own private room where I got to hold my baby and bond, she latched on the very first time I tried. I was crying so hard that my tears where going into her face! I never wanted to let go of the feeling the bonding that I felt at that very moment. I praised God, I laughed out loud, I sang "What a Mighty God We Serve" I was so happy no. really. I was happy! I didn't sleep a but maybe a couple hours I just wanted to hold her they kept me there a day longer because the lactation consultant and my doctor just found it hard to believe she lost her weight but by the second day was already gaining it back! We went home on a Saturday and I put her in the bassinet and just stared and thanked God for the billionth time!

Oh Leah where do I start. Our first few months together weren’t easy. You and I had long stretches of alone time every night doing what I began to refer as the midnight march. Starting at around 6 p.m., you were only happy either nursing or nestled against my chest as I walked and walked until the new day had begun - usually some time after midnight.There's one tough night that stands out from those foggy, sleep-deprived days. I just bursted into tears. And so did you. It was just the two of us crying so completely in the darkness, neither one of us knowing what was really wrong.Oh, but it was so worth it. You are so worth it. I remember thinking I’d do anything to have those long nights end. But now that they're just a piece of our past together, crazy, maternal me sometimes misses those marches and bouncing you and whispering to your sweet, helpless self.

Leah, in just one very, very quick year you have given me more than I could ever imagine. Your smiles are endless. Your giggles are constant. That fussy newborn has been replaced with a very happy baby. You’re crawling and cruising along furniture while standing, but I don’t think you’re going to be walking too soon. You love it when I crawl on the floor with you. You’ll start giggling and will speed up as if we were playing a game of chase.I love hearing your giggles or seeing you grin and wave your hand to everyone you meet. Every day with you is a gift.

I love you so much, Leah. I can’t wait to see your personality continue to emerge and to watch you grow and change.
Happy first birthday, sweet baby girl!

Love you to the moon and back,

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A miracle? No, he is a survivor!

So many people tell me what a miracle Jonathan is and yes he is a miracle but I would have to say he is more of a survivor!
A miracle is a baby that last 40 weeks in a womb with no complications,comes out crying, has an apgar score of between 8 and 10, is able to cuddle with the momma after getting cleaned up and after a couple days of being in the hospital while mommy recovers gets to go home! That is a miracle! Jonathan didn't get any of that however he did survive! He survived a premature birth of 25 weeks, he survived inside an incubator (far from the comforts of the womb), the endless suctioning, the pokes, the lights, the noise, the touching and a surgery! He survived a breathing machine that did all the work of "breathing" for him. He survived from getting any illnesses that would require more intervention. He survived from getting ROP, NEC, MRSA, and brain bleeds. He survived after a PDA surgery at 2 weeks old!He survived 5 months in the NICU! He SURVIVED even after the doctors told us he wouldn't!!
Even as the days go on he is still our survivor and always will be!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

11 months old!!

Holy cow 11 months, REALLY?!
Leah is amazing, seriously she is a great girl! She is into everything pretty happy but also is very dramatic a nice combination! She keeps us on our toes! She is walking along all the furniture and will stand for a few seconds before falling onto her bum! Everything seems so easy for her it makes me happy and sad. To see and experience what "typical" really is, makes it frustrating to me and to see what Jonathan should be doing. But I do praise God because I have learned so much from Jonathan that has helped me along the way for Leah! So just some things that Leah does and says!
Waves bye bye and hi
blows kisses
puts arms up for "up"
says hello
baba(for her bottle but also for Jonathan((bubba))
waztha for whats that
ooh ooh aah aah for a monkey
and I think thats it!

I can't believe she is going to be 1 in a couple weeks. I was so happy when Jonathan turned one. I couldn't wait to throw his party gosh I had it 2 months early(because of rsv season) but was so ready and excited! Not so much this time maybe because she's the baby and I know there won't be any more babies coming from my body. I did want to have 4 to 5 kids, Justin and I talked about this before getting married we wanted a big family! But with everything that has happened with both pregnancies this will be it and even though I am a bit sad I know I have the two best kids in the world!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A need to brag!!!!

I am the happiest mom ever, when I heard that Jonathan walked in the "Hopsa" I was happy. But then the teacher said they took video I was estatic! It brought tears to my eyes, this is great. Here is to another milestone!
BTW this is not the way I brought Jonathan to school! He was wearing a shirt over his onsie and he did have his afo's and shoes on!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jonathans first week of PRESCHOOL!

Jonathans first day with his new elmo backpack he picked out!

Can you believe it, the first day of preschool?! I remember when I prayed for him to make it till the next day! Oh my little man is growing up! So the first day went very well for him and I did alright of course I cried but I controlled myself.
We checked out the other kids, seen his coat rack with his name on it, and talked with his teacher Miss Ashley! When I got home it was just me and Leah, I was lost. My routine was gone to some degree but it was nice to have some one on one time with Leah. I think she was wondering where her brother went because she kept crawling around the living room a bit confused. When one o'clock came rolling around I was so eager to see my boy and there he was sleeping, I had to do a double take because my boy sleeping thats a miracle! So we woke him up and he was happy as could be. We said bye to the kids and I couldn't stop kissing him, I missed him so much. The next day was harder for him and me! He was happy walking into the school however when the teacher came to get him he started crying and had a little blue spell. He is so darn smart he understood that this was the place I dropped him off! So we tried to reassure him and I stayed for a bit but when I was leaving he started crying. I knew I had to just go but it was so darn hard! When I picked him up the report was great! He settled down and then had fun in the swing and hitting the toys. He LOVES circle time and Miss Ashley said he is making choices with his eyes on what songs he wants to hear so I was really happy about that! He did great all in all and he loves school so far!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

10 months old!

O.k could someone please tell me where the pause button is! Leah is growing up way to fast! Its sad really, when you have a special needs child you get to enjoy each milestone for awhile but with Leah once she masters something shes on to something else!

She is pulling up everywhere, its so scary. I don't want her to fall and hurt herself but i also know this is part of her learning so she has fallen and no tears just gets up and does it again! I swear my hair is getting grayer by the minute!
She dances, its very cute I must say. I really want to get her into a tumbling class she would rock it out there! I just caught on that when she poo's I usually say pee you and hold my nose well 8 out of 10 times when she goes number 2 she says pooh its awesome, thinking I'll have to get a potty chair for her 1st birthday and if we are lucky she can be potty trained before 18 months, just some wishful thinking:-) She is eating great but not really gaining guess she will be skinny minnie like I WAS! She is getting some beautiful hair in a very sandy blonde. And yes she still is temperamental boy its her way or no way and she screams, LOUD! So different to a little boy that you can barely hear, but Jonathan does laugh when she cries which now makes her more upset. I can see battles ahead and me having to give a little since I am very hard headed! Overall she is sweet, loves the camera, and can fool anyone into thinking she is a quiet happy baby all the time, she gets them every time!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Being silly and renaissance festival

WE went into a costume place to look at costumes and ended up making everyone laugh in the place with having the kids try on different masks. It was a riot my daughter loves the camera and being silly and Jonathan loves seeing people laugh. I think we spent a good 2 hours in this place we had so much fun!

We went to the renaissance festival in holly which we do every year! It was fun. Jonathan loves watching the jousting and Leah loved seeing the ladies dance and sing! We had a group of girls dance with all their attire just for Leah it was great she laughed and danced right along!
They had a petting farm and both kids loved that, I have never known a kid to love animals as much as Jonathan does. Its great maybe he will be a veterinarian some day:) They also had a playscape and the kids liked the slide, who doesn't!
They both had fun going down every time we would get ready to walk away poor Jon would give us his boo boo lip and pout, we'd say o.k one more time and he would be all smiles, I love this kid!


Our trip to Virginia was nice, very warm but nice!Leah and I flew and my dad, brother and Jonathan drove. We stayed for a week and did a lot. beforeafter
Jonathan got a haircut on the military base at Quantico he liked seeing all the guys in uniform getting their haircut and felt like such a big boy sitting next to them however when the lady buzzed his hair in the back he wasn't going for that, I think the back of his head is sensitive. We did a lot of shopping on base its cheaper and there is no tax so I had to take advantage of that. We went to the arcade almost everyday since my aunt and uncle live so close the boys went go carting while I LOVED the batting cages!! The kids were great the whole week I was very impressed since I had to take them by myself everyday my brother did come with me but he likes video games so he didn't help unless it was convenient for him but thats o.k we managed. We tried sushi for the first time minus raw fish since I am still nursing and it wasn't so bad. Had a few krispy cremes which is really bad (fattening wise)! We also went to Kings Dominion that was so fun it was really nice at night with the lights and music both kids really enjoyed that!
It was a nice visit since my aunt and uncle haven't seen Jonathan in a year and hearing how much he had progressed since the last time they seen him made me feel real good because sometimes I forget how far Jonathan has come! And this was their first visit with Leah, oh is she a trip! She is very hard headed and wants everything her way! She would only go to my uncle if he would tell her he was going to see the doggie otherwise forget it she wanted mama! So know we are trying to squeeze everything in before summer is really over!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Michigan Adventure

So I completely forgot to post on out recent Michigan Adventure camping trip!

We went about 3 weeks ago and it was great, the weather, the kids, the park! So we stayed at a new rv resort called duck creek it was awesome a great play area, a pool and hot tub, shuffleboard, and basketball! We took the camper and stayed 5 days we enjoyed just relaxing a couple of those days and went to the park and met up with one of Jonathans super therapists! Jonathan did get to go on some rides like the antique cars and the marry go round and ferris wheel it was really neat to see him enjoy that. Then we headed to the water park where Jon slept the whole time and Leah took a nice nap while on the lazy river! Justin and I got to enjoy a couple rides while the kids were being watched by my dad and brother, it was fun!

We headed up to ludington and met up with my cousin and her husband for some tasty ice cream then we headed back to camp to bbq and watch all the kids in the park cruise around with their bikes that had glow sticks on them (it was the parks version of the dream cruise)
Jon really enjoyed that! So it was a really nice trip that even when we left I got to go do some retail therapy for school clothes for Jon! If anyone is looking for great pants that are really slim, like Jon is. Baby gap/gap kids, has them new this year there called the 1969 slim pant the are small in the waist and legs and they're adjustable(waist)if your kid like mine has a super tiny waist!