Thursday, July 29, 2010

A visit to Jonathan new school!

A couple weeks ago we went to visit Pathway the school Jon will attend this fall! It was nice, we got there and the teacher greeted us and then took us to the classroom where the kids were having circle time! We sat in the circle Jon on my lap he looked a bit confused at first seeing all these kids. They were singing songs mostly the aides were singing, there were about 6 kids all with different aspects of disability. Then one of the aids came to Jon and asked him to pick a song his choices, wheels on the bus (his favorite) or head shoulders knees and toes. He looked right away at the picture of the bus and its history from there. He was so happy smiling and very attentive for the rest of the songs. When it was time to leave he started to cry, this is new for him. When he wants to continue doing something he gives us a boo boo lip or starts crying so we say one more time and he smiles from ear to ear! So we looked around the classroom said bye to the kids and then he was ready. We met with the nurse who is very nice but better then that she is very precise which is what I like I know he will get feed and be treated just fine. Jon will have his own aid that is shared with one other kiddo, they really were involving every kid with what they did. They have so much equipment for mobility to laying they have great toys and things for him to develop and speech boy they have computers and so many different programs for the kids. So even though it did bring tears to my eyes to see him in school I am reassured this is the right thing to do for him.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Creepster Crawler

Jonathan loves the creepster he does well, to keep his nogging up is very hard work but otherwise I think this video shows just how good he does! i am just so proud of him!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Jonathans Chill Out chair

Jonathan got a new chair called the Chill Out chair, I love this thing! So when we went in for our evaluation at Euro Peds about 3 weeks ago I had to fill out tons of paper work, not even kidding! One was a liabilty form if they were to sprain or break a bone they can't be liable, crazy! Anyway I was holding Jon and I said well I really don't want to put him on the ground she replied o.k put him in that chair! I looked at her and thought are you crazy my son as you know is a spastic quad with very limited trunk control he can't sit up in a chair, I told her he can't sit up in a chair by himself she responded and said its o.k he will be able to its made for kids with his tone! I put him in it and noticed it was sunken in where his tushy goes, I'll be a monkeys uncle he sat in his first chair unassisted no straps nothing, all by himself! I called right when we got in the car and it happened to be that they were having a HUGE sale, I really wish I bought another one but oh well I am so happy we have this one! It also comes with an ottoman! We will use this everywhere we already brought it to our friends kiddos birthday party it was so nice to sit him in a chair and not have to hold him or lay him down. He was so happy to be in the action where he could see the kids! We will use this chair everywhere, did I mention we ALL love this chair!

Leah at 8 months

Leahs first attempt of egg yolks!

Leah is growing just so fast its unbelievable! She masters a new milestone it seems each week!

She now has her two bottom teeth and her two top teeth are half way through, our nights have been long her poor little teeth hurt! She is still getting my milk however I have had to supplement with 4 to 5ozs of formula a day to keep up! She eats some finger foods egg yolks were a hit however she got a little rash on her back so will will try again later. She still loves all vegetables I steamed some broccoli and she loved it, still not a fan of fruit, juice not even melon the girl loves veggies. She however did eat chicken and turkey, chicken being her favorite esp. if its mixed with some baby carrots. I got this cookbook and absolutely love it its called First Meals by Annabel Karmel its a really awesome book that is not only for babies but toddlers too heck there are meals I want to try like enchiladas with turkey and tomato sauce, mmm!
She is crawling everywhere, she just started going on her knees and she rocks and then falls back on her tummy and inch worms everywhere its only a matter of time she has her belly off the floor and really cruising! She walks with our help of holding her hands but isn't showing int rest of pulling herself up yet, I know she is only 8 months old! She continues to say momma and seems like she is starting to say dada, she LOVES to sing. I start singing the abc song and she sings right along in her own babble of course.
Leah singing!
She "talks" to Jonathan and loves playing with him, and Jonathan just eats it up he gets frustrated some times and will use his legs to completely turn himself the other way when he doesn't want to play anymore because Leah is usually getting a little rough which makes Leah very upset that he doesn't want to play!
She is still a little peanut weighing in at 15 1/2 lbs but is 27 inches long so another long and skinny kiddo! I love this girl she keeps me on my toes and who ever told me it was going to be easier I say HA to you its not easier she is a handful but I will take it everyday of the week!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Two of the cutest kids I know!!

We had a great 4th of July spent with family and friends, we have a party every year actually this was the 10th one I have hosted! We did have an E.R run due to my husband getting 1st and 2nd degree burns thankfully he is going to recover with little to no damage! We managed to get out of the E.R and my husband still went about the firework display! We had a couple first timers and their response was " I had no idea you had a show like this" we have it on the lake so there were a lot of boats docked in the middle waiting for the show! Leah wanted nothing to do with it and Jonathan loved it!

Jonathan had a sleep study a couple weeks ago and to our surprise they told us he has severe sleep apnea and wanting us to come in for an appointment with their ENT! We went today and this was by far the worst appointment ever beside getting a look at his vocal chords, which deemed that he has no paralyzing to them! However this ENT doctor told us his tonsils and adenoids look great so they could do the surgery and MAYBE that could help, so tell me do you really think I am going to put him through a surgery that MAY help and IF it help it will only help 1 or 2%. Give me a break no way am I doing that plus since the study I have watched him for numerous hours while he sleeps and yes he does wake up a little to catch his breathe but only because he is in a deep sleep as the doc put it its while in rem our deepest sleep cycle. So another option is to try CPAP the same idea as when he was really itty bitty so we will try this I am sure it will be unsuccessful because who wants to sleep with something stuck to their face but we will try. The nurse practitioner said it plain and simple surgery isn't going to help but maybe a bit, cpap may help but him maturing will help the best! So as I said we will try CPAP and go from there!

We are planning our Michigan Adventure trip at the end of July, Jonathan is going twice a week for horse therapy and he starts Euro-Peds July 22nd and will continue swimming but will have to eliminate horse therapy because of the intensity of Euro-Peds!