Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What an Adventure!

Wow time goes by, almost a month since my last post! Well we went to the audiologist at U of M and they reconfirmed that Jonathan's has auditory neauropathy (he can hear but not understand what we are saying) however at beaumont hospital they had a response of hearing at 70 db and this time at U of M they had a 55 db response so the plan is we will continue praying that Jonathans hearing just gets better, the audiologist says it does happen, but in the meantime we will be getting extensive speech therapy 2 to 3xs a week then in a month we will reevaluate and either he is getting better or Jonathan will have to be fitted for hearing aides. Justin and I both see an improvement with his hearing but do realize his hearing impairment. He enjoys looking at objects that have lights or moves. He doesn't really respond to rattles or soft noises he does however respond when the dogs bark or when someone is using a higher voice. Its hard to tell a doctor what he responds to because sometimes he responds to the noise and the next time he doesn't, it does get frustrating! So we will just start therapy (we actually haven't started yet)and go from there.
We started stage 1 vegetables sweet potatoes were the first and his favorite! He likes all the orange veggies (s. potatoes, squash and carrots) and very much dislikes his green ones (peas, green beans)! Just today I gave him applesauce and he absolutely loved them eating the whole 2.5 ozs, he has decreased his milk intake but is eating more solids. Our day is now a fruit in the morning, veggie in afternoon and cereal just before bed! He got weighed last week and was 12 lbs 10ozs not as much as I thought but he is gaining (I sound like I am o.k with this but in reality I am nuts still counting every ounce that goes in him) typically he is getting about 20 to 22 ozs he just keeps getting longer and not wider!
On Saturday the 10th we heading to Michigan Adventure and oh what an adventure it was!! We went with grandma Tina, grandpa Mark, uncle Matt, great grandma Jane, her friend Betty, aunt Cheryl and cousins Susie and David we stayed in a resort which was really nice and the first night was o.k but on Sunday we went to the park and it was windy 71 was our high and Jonathan is teething. so among the tears, crying, squirming, won't sit , lay or stay in the stroller it was fun! Both Justin and I were ready to pull each others hair out, so for a break aunt cheryl rocked him to sleep, we were so happy when we came off the roller coaster to find Jonathan sound asleep in cheryls arms with a blanket over him, but 15 mins later she put him in the stroller and awake and cranky he was! We went back to the resort and grandpa and great grandma and betty stayed and said they would watch him, he was so happy when I put him on the bed, laughing and trying to roll! (he absolutely loves laying on his back but hates tummy time)! So the rest of us headed back to the park for a couple hours we stayed in the water park and it was really nice to see susie and david have fun, we can't wait till Jonathan is doing these things! So now were back at home and everything is back to normal happy, cheerful little boy unless his gums are hurting! I wonder if the wind was bothering him or if his hearing is irritating him (one minute he hears clear the next min. he can't)I don't know but if you have any suggestion on making teething better please share! I really need to interact Jonathan with other babies he just lights up with them but since we are going into the RSV season it will probably have to wait till next year.
Physical therapy is going good, Justin and I think Jonathan will benefit from a helmet so I will talk with early on in Sept. and see what we can do. Jonathan still is not holding his head up, he does hit his toys and kicks and stands with our help of course but has no interest in holding his head up, he did move at his own pace in the NICU which was slower than most I just have to be confident that he will succeed soon at this! Well enjoy our cranky pants pictures!