Thursday, January 29, 2009

No more cuddle bunny!

I think my boy is growing up! He has always been a cuddler but now a days he wants to explore. If I hold him for to long he gets all fussy and wants to be put down, even if its time for a bottle. I guess in a way its a good thing its showing his independance.

We have done so much these past few weeks, we went to frankenmuth and stayed in a hotel during the week so it was less likely to be busy and we were right hardly anybody there. This hotel has 6 pools, a kiddie area and putt putt it was so much fun. Jonathan loved it the whirpool was very nice and it hold about 20 people so it was huge and we (our family) had them all to ourselves. Then we went to Bronners its the biggest Christmas store in the U.S its always featured on the travel channel, I love that place its like being in Disney World and we only live about an hour away. Jonathan was so excited he was amazed by all the lights, colors, sounds and he didnt even want to be picked up which is very unusual he always wants to be held when we would go places but he just stayed in his stroller and took everything in making ohs and ahs, I love seeing his face light up! I can't wait for spring and summer to take him places and him enjoy it, since last year was not the greatest because we didn't know why he cryed 19 to 20 hours a day, oh I am SOOOOOO glad those days are gone! We are planning on going to Virginia in April and I need a vacation! Plus I'm not sure if my family knows their watvching Jonathan for a day so Justin and I can have some alone time but i am sure nobody will mind he is such a good happy boy! Then our next big vaction will be on a cruise in 2010 that should be fun, a two year old on a cruise maybe I should rethink that:)

Jonathan is growing like a weed he is now 16lbs 7ozs however he has somehow caught a cold and I am pretty anal about people washing their hands before coming into our home and almost everyone abides by our sign on the door but somehow he caught one so we'll see where his weight is in a couple weeks.

This cold has Jonathan coughing like a mad man I feel terrible he is so fussy and just doesn't know what he wants. His eating is not great but I guess I wouldn't want to eat if I threw up after I was done! We did have therapy yesterday and Allison our therapists was super surprised with him, 1. because he has had no therapy for 2 weeks because the sick bug seemed to go around the therapists and 2. because he was sick and still doing so much, I'll tell you I LOVE hearing that he is doing good because sometimes I wonder if I am doing everything I can for him! I still count every calorie that goes into that boy and some days I tell myself this is it I am not going to count anymore calories then we go to the doctor I see how good he is doing and kabam I start counting calories again becase I don't want him to lose weight and now that he is sick, dear GOD I am a mess I keep telling myself he is sick he is not going to get all his calories, see what I mean I even have to tell myself in the blog! The doc did give us the o.k to go to cincinatti for the feeding clinic I am so excited to get into this clinic and hope that we do see light at the end of this tunnel. I did try the hunny bear cup with Jonathan and he drank from it, didn't gag, cough, or choke so thats a good sign and we will definitly bring it to the clinic. He will now sit in his highchair and play with food, he loves yogurt on his hands and not his mouth:) So please send prayers our way for this monday when we leave for Ohio for feeding clinic!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A long video

I made this video its labeled miracles do happen, yes its long about 25 minutes but Its from the boys birth till Christmas. I couldn't just pick a couple pics of Jonathan hes cute what can I say! Anyway its in the column to the right I wasn't sure how to post it like a regular post, so just click on the pic and it will take you to the video! ENJOY!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


It has been forever since I have posted. First off I had the worst cold I have ever had actually it was the flu and I just prayed day and night Jonathan would not get it! He didn't and is doing pretty good health wise.

About 3 weeks ago I finally got to met up with another preemie mom (Jaimie)that I met on a micro preemie group, we have talked on the phone many times so it was nice to finally meet. She has three beautiful kiddos, 26 weekers and her son is also Johnathan! She is really great and very informative her kids are about 4 months older than Jonathan so she gives me a few tips, thanks Jaimie!

Christmas was the best we actually ventured out to my grandmas and my aunt, uncle and her two grown kids and my parents were there and it was great. Jonathan is so awesome to go out with he is always smiling unless he is uncomfortable or tired! Now don't get me wrong I was very sceptable about going out because of RSV but everyone was well. Jonathan fell asleep before we got to open presents and then Christmas day was at our house with both our parents and siblings which also was awesome. My mother in law was just amazed at how Jonathan is progressing, like all of us! Jonathan is one spoiled boy getting everything a little boy wants! We got him a huge dog from F.A.O SCHWARZ he loves it especially if he only has his diaper on since it is so soft. New years eve was spent at a hotel, we were very nervous about this since the last time we did this he cried non stop from 11pm till 7am but again it was great we all fell asleep before midnight but Jonathan enjoyed the pool and he had so much fun and thats all that mattered!

Therapy is going how should I say this phenomenal. Jonathan is lifting his head about 70% of the time when we are holding him he is usually holding it up to look around so I know with continued prayer and therapy he will be doing this 100% of the time! Jonathan is standing and putting all weight on his legs when we hold him up and he keeps his head up but his trunk is still loosey goosey so we are going to work harder on that. He tolerates his belly and will look up if he has something under his arms (boppy. He is still getting fed through his NG but is drinking from his bottles too. He still is not tolerating big amounts of food but we have discovered he has high taste buds meaning he loves garlic and lemons! He continues to love water therapy, his favorite! He is using both hands and kicking like crazy he has learned to kick his socks off, he thinks its funny. We are going to Ohio to a feeding clinic and this will put some insight to what we should do to tell you the truth I am o.k with a G tube placement because this Ng makes me cry every time I have to put it in! The G tube will only be temp. until he can eat enough to gain weight. Today we went to get his synergis (sp?) shot to help prevent RSV and they weighed him, he is a whooping 15lbs 7ozs isn't that cool? I am so excited and actually today I woke up to find him smiling and holding his tube in his hand, I was really hoping it was a sign that he wanted to eat more and get rid of that tube for good well that lasted about an hour. Oh well he is a happy,smiling boy and its great, life is great and God is good! Love you all!