Monday, December 21, 2009


...with a wonderful family!

I am in such bliss right now! What most parents take for granted I am cherishing.

You see when you have a child 15 weeks early you don't get to cuddle,kiss,love on them, you don't get to hear the cries, you don't get to change diapers, you don't get to bath or feed them naturally in the privacy of your home and you don't get to go home with them after giving birth instead you hear bells and ringing everyone is watching you, you have to pump your milk in a room that is the size of a closet, you see your child get poked throughout the day and getting fed through the multiply i.v.s they have. So that is why I love getting up just to look at Leah sometimes I cry because its hard to believe what a perfect little girl I have, her blue eyes look back at me and she smiles thats really all it takes from either of my kids a smile and all the hard times get pushed away. I am proud of my kids, Leah is a great baby she does cry and its ear piercing but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Jonathan he is my fighter and still is, he loves his ice cream, nacho cheese and sour cream, suckers and coke yes I know what a great mom I am! He has come so far and he is the king of smiles that loves to "walk" in his pony walker!
I have been going around the house lately just singing a song that sums everything up its called "Blessed" by Martina McBride I do thank God every night for all he has giving me! My kids are the best and I love them dearly

Thursday, December 17, 2009

First haircut!

Jonathan got his first haircut a couple days ago! I didn't know how he would handle it but had a feeling he would be fine. Jonathan has no real sensory issues you can brush his hair, you can touch his mouth he even loves his teeth brushed1 I think the baby massage that I still continue almost every night has helped, he get a full body massage from head to toes with baby lotion and all, I think my turn is about up!
So Jonathan's Aunt Jessi cut his hair he did great smiling pretty much the whole time the only problem we really had was he didn't want to sit in his highchair actually he didn't want to sit period so instead he laid across my lap.

This past week my friend Jamie came over to give Jonathan a birthday gift and Leah got a beautiful outfit! Jonathan loves this gift its a dog named Scout from Vtech and you can program it to say your childs name, favorite color, favorite food and I am sure there is many more things it does but I was just as excited to play with it! Jonathan smiles and "talks" to his new "woof woof" he actually says ooff ooff which we know as woof woof!

Everything is going so great in our household, I thank God every night for this perfect family I have!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Leah is a month old!

Holy cow where does time go? Leah was a month old on the 4th! She is 7lbs 5ozs which is a lot considering she was 5.4lbs when she was born than came home at 5lbs so in a matter of 3 weeks she has managed to gain over 2lbs. I know I am crazy but I called the doctor to see if she was gaining to fast her response was first she laughed then she said its nearly impossible to overfeed a breastfed baby my response was but at night (and after every feed I pump because she doesn't empty my breast) my husband feeds her 120ml bottle(4oz) again she laughed and said there is only a handful of her parents that would even know what 120mls are she told me "Leah is a typical baby she is doing fine" now when I heard these words all I could think about is Jonathans NI nurse Kim, this was a typical response from her "everything will be fine" and it usually is, I must be a very paranoid parent but who can blame me! I spent 5 months in a hospital that is NOT normal! SO I must say Leah is doing everything a "typical" baby should. She is starting to get her days and nights in order which is very nice! She is so alert and looks around to find the face that is talking to her.
She did manage to get a blocked tear duct but so did Jonathan, a very easy thing to treat! We still have not ventured out so most of my family have not even met our little princess. We do go on car rides and she, like her brother love car rides!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My poor boy

So my last post was Jonathan was pretty much back to normal, well he wasn't he was still crying very uncomfortable and now having massive blowout that seemed black and tar looking. So back to the doctors to ask for a stool and urine sample. We turned it in saturday morning and by 9pm the doctor called us. She told me to sit down because his sample came back as a serious bacterial infection in the intestines, which was caused by his antibiotic(augmentin) he took for his ear infection 4 WEEKS ago! Apparently that antibiotic is very strong and took over all his good bacteria and he was left with only the bad bacteria. This explained his weight loss, which was 18 1/2lbs 2 weeks ago! Not wanting to eat because there was no room, and his bloody stool and crankiness. If this would not have been caught Jonathan would be in the hospital today trying to recover, I thank God for giving me insight on knowing to ask for a stool sample because it is VERY hard to know what is hurting on a kiddo that is non verbal! I continue to pray this is what was causing everything that has happened and there is anything else going on inside him, He is back to himself the last 4 days. He is very happy so happy he is belly rolling again and laughing which has been 4 weeks since we have seen a smile,
he is smiling at his sissy and trying to either grab her to say I love you or pushing her away to say o.k you can go now;) I love love love seeing the smiles the last 4 weeks have been very trying! Jonathan did see the doctor today and he was 19.15lbs so that is good. I thank you friends and family for all the prayers! Enjoy the new pics, don't you love his beautiful smile?!