Monday, March 31, 2008

Keep eating big guy!

O.k where do I start. Jonathan is no longer on oxygen except for feedings but even then he is sometimes not on that, so to say the least he is doing great! He is gaining weight 8lbs 8ozs (he's a chunk) he is still on diuretics for his blood pressures but his bp's are great! So the "only thing" we are waiting for is him to eat from all bottles and then we can go home!!!! I just said go home I never thought I would be able to say that it feels wonderful, this experience is something I never want to do again to say the least, our little boy is a miracle indeed and I thank GOD everyday for him. Parents often take their kids for granted but instead you should kiss your child and thank GOD their healthy full term kids our road doesn't stop when we get home either. For the next year and a half we have to be hermits from Sept thru April, we can't use baby powder, vicks vapor rub, we have to even be careful of the stuff we clean house with anything that could be harmful to his lungs! We have become the biggest germaphobs washing our hands after everything I even limit myself to petting the dogs because I know when I'm done I have to wash my hands we are going to buy surgical face mask for the just in case I might be coming down with something so Jonathan doesn't get it! I am just really happy we got through our first winter yes it was in the hospital but it make a huge difference coming home during spring than the winter! Well just keep us in your prayers for a continued success at bottle and breast feedings so WE CAN GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Jonathan is a big boy

March 18th
Well there's a lot that has happened sorry it's been awhile but things are moving in the right direction!!!
Jonathan has had a thyroid test and it came back great. He has had high blood pressures for about a month so the doctors wanted to check his kidneys and heart both are great praise GOD! So the doctors will start him on diuretics(sp?) and he has been on those for about a week! His bp has been very good since starting his meds. Other good news Kim is back as of the 10th (she was gone for a month) we couldn't be happier! Thank you for all your prayers for her! Jonathan had his first bath he was a bit shocked but seemed to like it! And the biggest news Jonathan is OFF CPAP and on nasal cannula full time he is doing great he has had it off for 4 days! He is on 21% oxygen which is room air so it looks like he may be coming home with no oxygen but we will have to wait and see! Tomorrow I get to try breastfeeding again and if all goes good he should be coming home the first week in April! I can't believe it it has been a journey but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! GOD has really watched over our baby because we just keep seeing babies that are having 3 to 5 surgeries and all thou we have had one we just praise god that that is all he has needed! Some of the nurses are just amazed that he has needed no eye surgeries babies born at 25 week gestation almost always need some kind of surgery but as of last Tuesday his eyes are great! So again thank you to all that have kept Jonathan in your prayers because I know if it weren't for them we would not be able to say how great he is doing! I love you all and can't wait to show him off!!
Jonathan is now 7lbs 15oz's remember when he was born he was 1lb 12oz's he is a big boy!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Hard Day

March 3 2008
Today is Jonathan and Prestons original due date (40 weeks) It has been very hard thinking that I should have both my boys in my arms, healthy and happy! I shouldn't have to worry who's taking care of Jonathan and if he's o.k because they would both be in their crib and I would be taking care of them not different nurses!I often wonder why, but I do believe GOD has a plan and he knows what he is doing!
Well its been awhile but things are starting to look brighter! On the 22nd Feb. the doctors lowered his peep to 6 so the pressure of air is still there just not as strong, sat. 23rd he required ppv (bagging) so the doctors will start him back on caffeine,its just taking Jonathan a bit longer to remember to breathe. The 24th the docs decided to keep him on cpap because of his incident and we will just go day by day! The 25th I held him for 1hr on nasal cannula and he did great but putting him back on cpap was heart wrenching he turned red, cried and was so upset it broke my heart!After he was back on cpap I held him and he did o.k.Another eye exam on the 26th and his eyes are great but they do continue to watch them until 50 weeks! Jonathan needed ppv (bagging) on the 27th it actually happened when Justin and I came in his room it happened so fast, so scary! Jonathan has been seeing a o.t every day m-f for an hour she can't really do anything with him but she has showed us some exercises to work on with him because babies are born really early preemies have a higher chance of developing cerebral palsy! Well I have been holding Jonathan on nasal for 1 hour and he is doing excellent, I keep him on his belly and he has been moving his head and the o.t is very pleased that he is working his neck muscle which is a good sign. On the 29th I was holding Jonathan on his belly, his head on my chest. The o.t said eventually she would like to see him pick his head up and turn to the other side but she said since he has been on his back for so long with not a lot of tummy time its going to take time!! Jonathan however did it just as she described, the o.t was very pleased and surprised, he is such a big boy! On the 1st of March the docs increased the nasal time to 2 hours and he did great! On the 2nd the docs increased his nasal time to 2 hours 2x's a day once in the morning and once on midnights as of today the 3rd he is doing great! Oh yea he is 7lbs and 1 oz and looks cuter then ever!