Friday, December 31, 2010

Lets close up 2010 and bring on 2011!!!

Man 2010, What an awesome year! I think this is the first year I can say we have lived normally!! We take the kids everywhere and just enjoy being a family! Jonathan did get a pretty nasty cold but all is well and both kids are very healthy. we did a lot of trip this past year and already planning next year with a cruise and going to sesame street! Jonathan is doing great with hyper barics oxygen and we already see results, muscle tone is so much better and he is taking such better steps! Its nice to get a therapists sight on this and she agrees with how much it has helped decrease his spasticity! It looks like stem cell is on hold again as I am really trying to go to Germany but nobody is calling us back so obviously this is not our time to go. We will start fundraising in the coming year including a car wash and selling tshirts!

Christmas was so much fun. Both kids loved opening gifts and Leah helped bubba open his!
Both kids love each other so much they get along great but of course Jonathan gets a bit irritated when Leah comes and knocks down the blocks I made for HIM to knock down but because he is such a lovie he just laughs it off! Leah is sassy and very determined with whatever she has on her mind and it is almost impossible to distract her! I have been reading love and logic and so far it has helped not only her but us from ALWAYS saying NO!
Well I can't wait for the new year to begin because I just know it will be great! I LOVE MY KIDS and am so happy to tell the whole world (well, world wide web!)!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Time is flying by!

Where is the time going?!
We are really enjoying the last bits of 2010! We went to great grandmas for thanksgiving and enjoyed visiting the family. The kids are getting big, o.k well Leah is getting bigger but they are both getting smarter and cuter. Leah's hair is finally coming in and has a few strands in her face but I refuse to get her a hair cut yet it actually would be pointless its only her bangs, that's what barrettes are for, right?! We went to our annual Christmas play while my cousins watched Leah and grandma watched Jon. Justin and I have been spoiled with our "sitters" and have enjoyed spending some quality time together! We just got back from Kalahari and already planning our next trip. This place is the best, something for everyone. Jon LOVED the lazy river the water was very warm as well as the wave pool. Leah liked the kiddie land the best and they both are like momma and enjoyed the hot tub!! This place was very awesome with a swim up snack bar and bar for those virgin drinks for me! They have 9 slides not including the kiddie ones. Of the 9 slides 3 were family rides for 4 people. We went with our friends and their children and my friends would take the kids so we could enjoy some of the rides! They have some great deals on their website ( actually the room we were in (the two room family suite) usually goes for about 400 a night and we got it for 110 a night!! We stayed for 3 days and our friends spoiled us with a private hut, all the other visitor have to mingle with each other however if you have a "hut" its your own with flat screen t.v, refrigerator, two couches lounge chairs and of course room service! This made it very nice for nap time! The food was delicious and desserts were even better! We just had a lot of fun with really great friends! I will upload pics as soon as I can!