Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mackinaw, Ballonfest and Jonathans new chair!!

I think I have the cutest boy in the world!

Its been awhile since I posted and a lot has been going on. we love summer we are hardly ever home actually we only sleep there it seems these days!

We went to mackinaw a couple weeks back with our friends the Buckleys and it was fun! A lesson learned we no longer will camp up north during the first few weeks of June, it was raining again this year and a bit cooler! We did get to go to the island and it was very nice the first half of the day then it rained and got really cold. We also went to the falls in the upper peninsula and we got to visit family! Over all it was a nice trip but any trips with family and friends is FUN!

We also went to the ballonfest in Howell last week that was beautiful the weather and the fireworks, we went again with the Buckleys and I think their kiddos and Justin had the most fun, he was throwing them up in the air and they were giggling so hard it was priceless! We also had my friends the Hoags with their little guy Michael he's a cutie!

Jonathan went with my parents to the international fireworks they actually spent the night on the Canadian side so they could also visit family, he had a great time! He has also seen the Livonia fireworks and Hamburg fireworks I think we have a pyro on our hands, hehe but he does LOVE the noise and colors!

Jonathans is going to be going with my parents down south for a week to visit family I am still undecided if I am going but know he will have a great time with or with out me, he loves his grandma and papa!

And lastly Jonathan received his tomato chair, I love this chair! It took 6 months to get its made just for him and he likes it, its nice to see him sitting up. It has a huge tray too so we can put stuff up there so he can play however he mostly knocks them off but whos to complain he's using his arms to do that!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So I thought I would show you a couple pics of Jon in the pool at therapy. He is doing really well in the head control department! So I can't say he has it completly in control and he doesn't keep it up a lot but its more, more than ever! HE is now lifting his head and body in the pool. He uses the head float but if you notice the therapist is barely holding him he brings those legs up and kicks and he holds his head up for a little while! HE loves swimming so this therapy won't stop any time soon plus a huge plus we LOVE his therapist Tracy!!!

We got our evaluation from Euro-Peds and I am beyond excited!! Jonathan was able to lift his head with no help! The therapist Jenn was able to hold the tops of his shoulder for stability but nobody had to give his head a lift HE DID IT ON HIS OWN!!!!! I am the proudest parent in the world! I Love this kid!!!!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Where is time going?!

Leah is now 7 months old! She scoots and rolls, has two bottom teeth, says hi and mama,her favorite foods are green beans and carrots and has an attitude like no other!