Wednesday, March 9, 2011

HBOT video

Here is a video of a mom that did hbot with her daughter! The results are amazing. We have done 80 sessions with Jonathan and would love to do more because yes we also have seen some great results. The sad part is is that its not covered by insurance. It cost roughly $5,000 for 40 sessions! We need help. We want Jonathan to get another 40 sessions. His muscles spasticity has decreased, his speech is coming along, he is so alert and so smart. This therapists comment all the time about just how much this has helped him. As a parent you want to do everything for your child. So we are asking for donations, in any amount! This money will go to another 40 session and if we get more than the $5,000 it will help with other therapies that have helped him, like hippo-therapy (horseback riding), cranial sacral therapy and massage therapy all these things help him but all are out of pocket. So please consider donating.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Having fun

My the time is going by so fast! We are just enjoying life and having so much fun in the process. Leah is 16 months old and is very busy! She talks all. the. time. and I love it!! You can often hear her say hi and bye bye to everyone she has NO shyness to her! She likes to say all done, momma dadda, bubba a lot! Her vocabulary just goes everyday! She knows most of her animals, she knows her body parts especially her bum bum since I tell her she needs to sit on it when she is by her brother!! I love watching her interact with Jonathan. He is really into the pacifier again and when it falls out she says "uh oh" and goes running to put it back in his mouth but not before she puts it in her mouth then says "no" and puts it in his! She cracks us up she is such a crazy funny girl. She is a climber and it scares me so! She is into EVERYTHING and is always going and saying something!

Jonathan has been doing really good! We kicked up his therapy after out HBOT was finished and it seems to be helping. We started feeding and he is doing really good. He can now eat a fruit loop and doesn't gag he chews it pretty nicely! We are working on some great oral exercises that I think are really good for him! The therapist asked Jonathan the other day to put his tongue over here( toward her right then left) he did exactly what she said. He surprises me all the time!
He is doing really good with his power wheelchair we will be taking it home tuesday and using here. We have him using his head to go left and right and of course straight and he totally gets it! Since he is right side dominant with his head sometimes it gets hard for him to look to the left and then he goes in circles but he thinks that is hilarious! Our wheelchair specialist said "before I leave my job all I want to see is my buddy Jon use this wheelchair" well he didn't expect him to do it the first day!! Way to go dude, I love you Jonathan! So he isn't proficient and in no way could he go out on the street just yet but he will get there and he proves that to us with every day he practices!