Sunday, September 28, 2008

Were home and thriving!

Jonathan is on donor milk and its a true GOD send because he has taking off again. He is drinking about 17 ozs and eating about 3 ozs, he is getting close to that year old mark so his weight is slowing gaining, he is 12lbs 12ozs sad since he weighed more than that a month ago oh well he is gaining, happy and back to our fisty little man! We switched pediatrician and Justin and I are so happy we did she is great, (Thanks Jamie for the referal) she said Jonathan looks to be doing good and if losing a little weight is all he really has gone through for being a 25 weeker weeker we should feel blessed (since I am a fanatic about his weight its hard to see him lose any of it but I am also glad he is not losing anymore). He is going to be getting weighed every week for awhile just to make sure he continues to gain, he will be getting the flu shot and possible our first synergis(sp?) shot this friday man I hate that summer is gone I will especially miss going to church! Jonathan is back to wearing his helmet his poor head sweats so bad I mean when we take it off there is sweat all over. He is bringing his hands to his mouth and he is batting at things, I love it just to see your baby grow up in front of you is so amazing! Still no head control, we seen a early on p.t and she thinks once we get the back muscles stronger everything will fall into place. He doesn't mind to much being on his tummy where before he hated it and I can tell he wants to lift his head to look around when we're holding him but when it gets up it flings back and he really can't get it back up without help. The physical theripist ask which hand he uses more of and it was clearly his right when he came home now it seems like the left, he is always proving me wrong. When we went for the eval. he was on his best behavior laid on his belly looked to the left, sat in my lap his head against my chest looking straight ahead, using both hands however the left one stayed clinched a bit more they didn't even know till I told them he had torticollis, he can be a stinker! TOday little man has had lots of gas and cried and cried he hasn't pooed in 3 days which I think is unusual since he is on breast milk, well I will call the peds. office tomorrow afternoon if nothing shows up tonight but I hope for his sake it comes out cause that has to be painful my baby sure needs a break, maybe a vacation to florida this spring? As soon as I find my camera I will post birthday and helmet pictures!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A hospital stay:(

Well Jonathan continues to not want to eat, he is losing weight! So we went to our ped. and he admitted us to the hospital Friday the GI doc looked at him yesterday and thinks its reflux so we are again starting prevacid, the last time we tried a month ago we only tried it for 2 days so this time we have to try it for at least two weeks and hopefully we see an improvement. He just did not like the transition from breast to formula and our crazy ped. (we have an appt. with a new ped this tuesday hopefully were home) telling us to try different formula and to his recommendation. Jonathan has tried FIVE different ones in the last month :( So the GI doc today said we could go back to similac advance but I think I will put him on neosure its easier on his tummy. So jonathan has the helmet. sitting on the desk in the living room, he can't use it since he cries and loses calories. While here at the hospital a neauro specialist came to see us and low and behold she said jonathan has a flat spot (thats why she gets paid the big bucks)! I am really upset were here, I am a freak about cleanliness and him catching a cold particularly RSV but I also want this problem solved it is so hard to see my little man crying all day because he is in pain. Justin comes to the hospital at night because his mom is in U of M NICU (neuro itensive care) with a moderate brain bleed that happened suddenly while she was working out in the pool! So all of this is very stressful right now and we are just praying its going to get better!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

So much has happened and actually I am overwhelmingly tired to say the least!
I'll start out with Jonathan had his first studio pictures done the middle of August and he pretty much cried through the whole thing, however we got some pretty good shots! Next we went to his ped because of all the crying lately and found out he had an ear infection to which the doctor put him on amoxicillin. We went for his nine month well visit and even though he is gaining weight slowly he is gaining, 13lbs 1.5oz. Everything else turned out o.k I talked to him about his constant crying and he wasn't concerned (lucky for him to say he isn't dealing with it)! So that was on a Thursday (22nd)and the doc sayed stop his antibiotic on sat. which would only have been 7 days, whatever I stopped him on Monday so he had nine days worth. Now I am not in the least exaggerating when I say Jonathan screamed all day Tuesday, on Wednesday (still crying) I took him back to his peds. office where of course he is a happy little boy, again I explained how I have been up with him for 36 hours crying, I've had to pull over to get him out of his carseat because he was turning himself blue! The doc looks at is ear and said its still a little red, to where I immediately said your the one that wanted him of his antibiotic sat. and in turn I kept him on it till monday!!!!!!!! So the doc said he wants him to go on augmetin it's stronger and it will clear it up. So I started him on that Wednesday night, he slept a little better but Thursday was in misery again, another whole day of crying! Friday we went to p.t where Bruce could do very little with him since he was so tense. Well on top of all this we have been living with my in laws which are great people but since our house is getting a complete makeover we can't stay there but its nice to have those extra hands! So Saturday was just another day of pain (I took him off of the augmetin Friday around 2pm) for our little guy, what is going on he just cries and cries and now its been 2 days of not eating much so of course I call the ped. office where they want us to come in at 1:30, this time I am taking my mother in law she has seen whats been going on and she is not shy so she will tell them I'm not a loony mom that is going crazy! So we seen a new ped. because our doc wasn't in and to our surprise he tell us augmentin is very hard on babies stomachs errrr, why the heck would he put him on it! So this doc looked at his ears and they looked fine but he did lose weight he is now 12lbs 14ozs so he wants us to see our regular doc this Tuesday, tomorrow. He really is doing better not crying as much but we also changed his formula, everyone told us its probably not that but he just went on formula 2 months ago up until that he was exclusively on breast milk! So we went to a sensitive and even though he cries less he still isn't up to par on his feeding, only getting about 17 to 19ozs a day.

Well on a good note Jonathan's hearing seems to be improving he looks when people are talking to him, but only sometimes but at least we see an improvement. We are going to celebrate Jonathan's 1st birthday on the 13th of Sept. since were getting close to rsv season. I am still very concerned about his head control, he is still not lifting it, we are getting the helmet on the 11th of Sept. so maybe that will help! Well I must tend to my crying prince! Any suggestion would be great!