Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Jan. 30
Jonathan was put on nasal at 11am, when I got there I got to hold him. I held Jonathan for 3 hours he did great but then had to put him back to go pump. When I got back only 20 mins later the nurse said he had to get bagged! The doctors were not surprised and not worried however I couldn't hold him anymore today. So hopefully tomorrow if he is better I can hold him the whole day, I have been waiting for this day that I could just ask the nurse to hold him and they would get him out and I could hold him for as long as Jonathan will tolerate! Jonathan did do great I believe this is just another thing he needs to get used to and he will! He keeps getting cuter everyday, the next thing will be his transition to a crib and then breastfeeding! As of 1130pm he is still doing good with only that one bagging this morning.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Jonathan had to be bagged twice today but the docs still want him off the CPAP and they are going to try it out tomorrow! I believe Jonathna will do alright because just these last couple days he actually did better on the nasal however this will be for a lot longer than just 2 hours so we sill have to wait and see!!

Big boy

January 27&28
Joanthan is doing good he is really tolerating the nasal cannula great. He actually seems to like the nasal better than cpap. The doctors want to take him off cpap 100% and on nasal canulla, so they are thinking they will do this on Wednesday! Justin hasn't been there the last couple days he has the flu so I have had to stay at my parents, can't chance getting Jonathan sick!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pulled out his feeding tube

January 26
He is very strong, the nurse said he pulled out his feeding tube and was just holding it, (sorry pumpkin just a little longer) so they just put it back in! I held him again for an 1.5 hours he did great but he does not like getting his CPAP back on he squirms and cries it breaks my heart! Soon enough I tell myself he will be on cannula than room air than home!!!!!!!

He's awesome

Jonathan is doing great, he is not on a lot of oxygen about 30-38%. Justin and I got to the hospital and the docs are convinced that Jonathan can handle one hour on cannula while I hold him a day. So again today I held him for 1 hour and he did great, he makes little noises, sticks out his tongue and sure toots a lot:) He is getting bigger each day!

Friday, January 25, 2008

1 hr on nasal cannula

January 24
Holy cow I came in to the hospital today, Justin couldn't make it he worked for 12 hours and needed some sleep, and was told by Kim that she convinced the doc to let me hold him for an hour on cannula, I was so surprised and he tolerated it great never had a brady and was on 50% oxygen he jusst looked at me for about 15 minutes and went into a deep sleep he is so cute. Kim put him back in his isollette and hooked him back on cpap and the little stinker (as Kim calls him) pulled the cpap right out of his nose, guess he is smarter than those docs think!! But he has to gradually wean from cpap to cannula we don't want to rush it, but it looks like next week he will be on cannula more and we can start non-nutritional breast feeding!!!!!!!!!! He is doing really well and Kim said he does not at this time have a hernia but we will still watch!

Weaned to pressure 6

Well the docs weaned him down to six and he seems to be doing o.k he did need some stimulation acouple times but it was during a feeding and getting his diaper changed but the good thing is he hasn't had to be bagged for 4 days and his bradys are decreasing. The nurse practioner thinks he may have a hernia but most preemies do but we just have to wait. Jonathan is smiling more and looking around he is just stealing all the nurses from their other patients just so they can come look at him! He is such a flirt!

Good CO2

January 21-22
Jonathan is still doing great on cpap the doctors think he is in the clear for not having to go back on the ventilator. The only way he would go back is if he got sick so we just pray he doesn't get sick! His blood gas was great, his CO2 was 60 so he is not struggling to stay on he is comfortable and maintaining everything he should. They think maybe by the end of this week begining of next they will start the transition from cpap to nasal, our little boy is growing up!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

January 20th
Jonathan is doing good he gets ansy around eating time so the nurses can never forget when to feed him cause he lets them know! I held him today for about a half hour he did phenomenal I was so happy, kim wouldn't let me go another day without holding him and its not that i didn't want to its because I didn't want to overstimulate him but he did very well so it was good for both of us! Well the docs will do a blood gas tomorrow and hopefully if Jonathan tolerates it the will wean his pressure!

Still going strong

Jonathan is doing great on Cpap he has not required a bagging today. He did get moved again however his favorite nurse Kim knew how to do it and I had no worries, o.k maybe a few but if he was going to get moved it would only be done by Kim! So the transition went very well he didn't even need a ton of oxygen I was very happy and so was he. Jonathan now has the biggest room in the NICU! So as of 12 am he is doing great!

Friday, January 18, 2008

He loves his pacifier

Jonathan had to be bagged at 7am after his feeding, but as of 11am when Justin and i got there he is doing fine. It seems to be that he gets caffiene at noon everyday and it might be tappering off toward the morning hours so we will just watch and see. He was trowing a temper tantrum today about 10 mins before his feeding, the nurse said he gets like that a lot now a day he knows when he is to eat! Well while the nurse got his milk ready I let him hold my finger and gave him the pacifier he loved it he calmed down almost instantly. it was the cutest thing! His oxygen is really good its staying around 35-45%. So as of 11pm he is doing good and tomorrow Kim is back!!!!

4lbs hip hip hooray

January 17
Our boy is getting big, he is now 4 lbs! He is getting 32cc's of milk every 3 hours. he is tolerating it well. He did great through out the night he did however get bagged at 1030am but is now doing great. He seems to be getting the concept of breathing on his own, he doesnt look tired he actually looks really comfortable. He is amazing not only because he is my son but as the nurses say he is almost 34 weeks, he is not suppose to be outside of my womb but for the little guy he is he is always looking around, he can tell voices and he moves his head in the direction of a voice he really tries to focus. The nurses are always telling him to go to sleep cause he is so active he likes to take his cpap out of his nose he is a stinker but I think its cute! well as of 530am he is still doing good!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

still on cpap

January 16th
Justin and I arrived later than usual today, jonathan had to be bagged once but is doing better the doctors were waiting till we arrived to tell us they needed to move jonathan because they needed to paint the entire wing he was in, I was a bit upset because they would need to take him out of his isollette into another isollette and back into his isollette! They reassured me he would do fine with the transport. Well when I got back to his new room he seemed to be doing o.k but 5 mins later he was desatting and required bagging he came back after about 3 or 4 breathes. Then about 30 mins later he had a horrible episode of bradicardia his heart rate was in the 50's and he wasn't breathing he was clearly upset and I was horrified, upset and extremely mad! The nurse made us leave which made me even madder. I knew he couldn't tolerate the transport but the room had to be painted, that was so important! This poor little guy is just not getting a fair chance at cpap. They are not going to reintubate him however they will keep close eye on his oxygen rate. I called at about 330 am and he is doing great!

Still going strong

January 15th
Jonathan is still on Cpap with an oxygen rate of 45%, he had a great night and today is going good he did require a bagging at about 11am because he was getting his diaper changed but he recovered well! I miss holding him but I know I will have many more times I can! He just keeps getting cuter everyday!

Monday, January 14, 2008

3rd time for CPAP

I pray this time he can tolerate CPAP, he is bigger and stronger and he is 33 weeks gestation. Jonathans favorite nurse, Kim is here and tonight Jennifer is here (his favorite night nurse) he was put on Cpap at 1030 this morning and he is only at 45% oxygen he is doing well however he did have an apnic episode but they won't really count it since it was during his diaper change. As os 11pm he is still doing good and not desatting! Go pumpkin go!

January 10-13

Jonathan is doing exceptionally well he is in the high 20 to low 30's for oxygen and he still desats but always brings himself back up. His blood gases are good. He recieved hopefully his last blood transfusion and Sunday they loaded him with caffeine for Cpap on Monday he is about 3lbs 13ozs he is getting big, he now wears clothes but they wont put him in them for cpap because they need to watch his chest, so hopefully Cpap will go good tomorrow! He is looking around a lot more and he doesnt mind people talking in his room as much as when he was very sensitive to sounds. Justin changed his diaper for the first time Sunday it was cute. Well pray that tomorrow will be the last time he gets extubated!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

He's doing great!

Well Jonathan is doing really good, last night he was at about 36 to 39% oxygen, and today when Justin and I arrived he was at 42% but for the time we were there he was pretty much at 34%. He is doing really good besides the occasional desats which they keep reminding us that those are normal and he will out grow them. The doctors say they want to try him on Monday for Cpap so we shall see! His BPM went down to 28 and he is just wide eyed and looking around. He is really starting to get his sucking reflex in, he loves his pacifier every once in awhile too!

Got milk?

January 8
They have increased his feedings 1 more cc, so now he is getting 28cc's every 3 hours (almost an ounce). His pressure on the vent went up to 22 since he is getting bigger but his BPM went down to 30! Jonathan's blood gas was not his best but also not his worst. He maintains an oxygen rate of about 38 to 45 % oxygen which is really good for him, he is just getting ready for the next c-pap try! The report from the doctors is that he is doing everything they expect, they are happy with his performance, me too!
January 7

Jonathan is at 32 BPM his blood gas was o.k. He is very active looking around when he hears a voice, scringing when he doesnt like something. I held him today while he was getting fed and he spit up all over my chest, thats o.k though. He is getting bigger, accepting all his feedings, and going number 1 and 2 very well!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Snuggle time

January 6
Jonathan is doing really good. His blood gas was good he is down to 34 bpm and still at 38-42 oxygen you can tell he is getting stronger because of his oxygen rate, however he is still exibiting preeminess by holding his breathe and needing stimulation to remember oh ya I need to do that breathing thing again! The doctor came in and told Justin and I they are going to give Jonathan this week and by next weekend or Monday they are going to put him on Cpap again, as long as he continues to do this good! Tomorrow he would be 32 weeks gestation this is what the doctors go by so he will be about 33 weeks when they try him again which is closer to the 34 35 weeks that babies get the development in their brain so breathing comes naturally. Isn't it amazing what really happens in the uterus and what we take for granted! God is so awesome! I held Jonathan for 2.5 hours he got right under my chin and we both slept it is so great to feel this connection with my baby eventhough I don't get to take him home yet, I keep loving on him more and more. I never knew what it was to have this kind of love and I will never trade it for anything in this world I love my son so much and I thank GOD everyday who gave me this opportunity!

3 pound baby!!

January 5
My baby is getting big!! He is 3 pounds 3 ozs!! He is at 36 BPM and about 37-42% oxygen, he is doing really good. His blood gas was great. He is tolerating his feedings very well did I mention he is getting big! He is really starting to get a personality he is VERY fiesty and he knows what he does and does not want! The nurses keep telling us we are going to have our hands full, our response BRING IT ON because he will be very loved (and spoiled)!!

Doing good

January 4
Jonathan is resting well today he seems to be recovering a lot faster this time around. He had a good night and his blood gas this morning was good. His bpm is 40 but he is at about 40% oxygen which is good. He is now getting 27cc's every 3 hours he is growing good. He had a head ultrasound and that came back normal. So the doctors will just let him rest and recovery.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Off C-pap at 800pm

January 3
Jonathan was on Cpap today until 800pm. He did great, he had a couple apnea spells while Justin and I were there that were completely scary he turned blue and the last one he just didn't want to take a breathe so they had to bag him. The nurse was trying to stimulate him by flicking his foot rubbing his leg, arm even back at one point i think she was being to rough with him! So when we left at 630pm I told Justin that the last episode he was just so tired and that I believe he will be back on the vent tonight, sure enough when I called at 830pm the doctor talked with me and told me he reintubated Jonathan and he is very tired. The doctor seen him desating and going back up and I told him this is just the way he is he told me that if this continues he might have to start him on antibiotics! I was mortified, my baby is NOT sick! I cry ed for 2 hours until I called the nurse back and explained to her what I explain to all new nurses, she said the doctor has not started antibiotics but he wants to do a CBC (complete blood count) and if his white blood cells are high than more than likely they would start anti. She told me to call back in about an hour. For the next hour I just prayed that Jonathan's white count would be normal. When I called back the nurse informed me his white count was normal and they are not going to start any antibiotics! PRAISE GOD!!! So I will call in the morning when his favorite nurse is there and see how he's doing.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Still on C-pap

Jonathan is still on c-pap as of 9pm. That's 36 hours!!! When I seen him today the nurse informed me he did have an apnea spell just before I got there at 10am she said not to worry because it was around feedings however it did happen. He looks great, he's breathing good and he is still eating well. I went to the cafeteria for some food and when I got back I was informed again he had another spell of apnea. Well I asked the nurse if I could hold him and she said o.k but he might not do to good but we can try. My boy did awesome he was between 90 and 100 on his oxygen saturation, he was awake for 1/2 the time and i just couldn't stop looking at him everything about him is perfect, I mean really perfect yes he is small but everything is in the right place, has the right amount of everything he is just perfect!! He made a couple of sounds and I cryed this was the first time I heard him make any noise.Then I heard noise from his tushy and I thought great my boy is going number 2 I guess we will see when he goes back in the isollette! The nurse practitioner came in and was just amazed at how alert he was and how good he was tolerating the machine. So his nurse put him back in his isolate after 2 hours of me holding him, my arm was numb since I kept it in the same position the whole time. Yes Jonathan went number 2 filled his whole diaper up the nurse said if he keeps that up he will have to go to a bigger diaper (he he)! I left the hospital around 630pm and he was still doing great. I called the nurse at 8p.m and he is still doing good. Thank you for all the continued prayers I know they are being answered!!!

2nd try for C-pap HAPPY NEW YEAR

January 1 2008
Jonathan is on c-pap as of 945am I went into his room right after he was all hooked up. He looks good and comfortable, the nurse has been filled in about Jonathans behavior and she seems to be listening to it. He is at about 60% oxygen again he goes down in his saturations but brings it up by himself. He is doing better this time than the last attempt, hopefully this will be his last attempt! Jennifer comes on tonight so it will be a good night. I called Jennifer around 3a.m (jan. 2) and she said he is at about 50% oxygen and resting comfortable. She also said he has pooped in every diaper she changed! So far so great, keep it going pumpkin!!!
Happy new year love all of us!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

GOD answers prayers

So that was it that was what I prayed for, to have a solution for Jonathan not to be bagged and he didn't all night and this morning both Kim and I were so happy!! Since he is on full feedings they took the i.v line out hopefully forever!!! They decresed his BPM to 20 and he is doing good. The doctors think its time to try him on C-pap again so this will take place tomorrow, he has grown, on full feeds and just breathing above the ventilator more than the last time they tried Cpap so I just pray that this time it works!!!! Tonight his favorite night nurse Jennifer will be here so I know it will be a good night!!

No bagging today

December 30th, 2007
I called the NICU this morning and talked with Kim I told her how upset I was and of course she already knew what happened. I told her this had to be fixed she agreed and was probably just as upset as I was!Justin and I got to the hospital and there's my little boy looking around doing great. We talked to Kim, the nurse practitioner and the doctor. Everyone is aware now that this is not Jonathan or an infection he might have its just inexperienced nurses in that they don't know Jonathan. So everyone was relived especially me, since they kept telling me this was normal however this was not normal for Jonathan to keep needing to be bagged. So Kim gets to pick out the most experienced nurse for tonight and hopefully that will help. Since everyone is satisfied that Jonathan is just out growing his tube they decreased his BPM to 28 and he is doing good with that, they also increased his feedings to 18cc's!

His favorite nurse comes to the rescue!!!!!

O.k to start out early this morning, Jonathan had to be bagged again the neonatal doctor increased his pressure of oxygen to 23 so the force is stronger to compensate for his air leak. They hep locked his i.v line that he has had since the first week of birth to decrease any infection risks. They increased his feeding to 17cc's. Kim is here today actually the next 3 mornings in a row yeh! Of course the day went by perfect no bagging I held him with no problems he was the happy little boy he has been (without being bagged). So since we knew Jonathan would be o.k, justin and I went out to dinner! I called the NICU at 11pm and he was bagged again, I was so irate I just couldn't believe this was happening I asked her what she was doing he didn't have to be bagged once this morning!!!!!!!!!!!She said that Jonathan would desat down to the 60's and she would bag him,errrrr I said to her this is Jonathan, this has been his thing since he was born he will desat but if you give him a couple seconds he will come up on his own!!!! Well there wasn't much I could do so I prayed so long and hard to find a solution to this problem.