Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Little Miss Leah is 30 weeks along!!!

First lets start with my little big man!
this is his costume this year, a sock monkey!

Jonathan is doing great spoiled but great. We went to Cedar Point and he went into his first haunted house! My boy didn't even get nervous he would be laughing when we got to the exit! I really think the lights and noise kept him entertained. People would stop us at the exit and look at him with amazement and usually say something along the lines of "oh my gosh he's not even crying!" I'm sure a couple people were like crazy family I should call social services for endangering him! Trust me he was fine he did great!

We really need help in the letting him down more I noticed in all the pictures he is being held, no stroller, no laying in the motor home but always in someones arms, I'm sure he doesn't mind though!

Now about little Miss Leah, don't you just love that name?!
I went in today for my 30 week appt. cervix is still closed haven't budged a centimeter. I am so happy I did get the cerclage! Still on progesterone shots although they kill I am also happy I'm taking them! I have had some braxton hicks the last couple weeks but nothing to worry about, I say this after I went to emergency and they told me they were braxton hicks! She is almost 3 1/2 pounds she is getting bigger and I love it, I even love the kicks (and there are many) where you look at my tummy and we play guess if it was a foot, hand, or elbow! People that I don't know tell me how small I am for 30 weeks, personally I feel big!

I guess as long as Leah is growing I don't care how big or small I look! Justin and I were sitting in the hospital and a nurse noticed my shirt moving and she said I think someone wants out. We both looked at each other and both at the same time said "no" its way to early she looked at us and said oh I was just kidding! Then today at my appt. I had a lady complaining about how she can't wait to deliver she can't stand the kicking and heartburn and turned to me to say how far along are you, oh I bet you can't wait either. To her surprise I said oh I can wait I can wait for as long as it is to have a healthy baby! I will say its so cool to be this far along because we both know I am not going to get pregnant again to feel the hard kicks, to feel tired to show off my belly to sing and touch her and know that because of our great GOD I have a growing baby in there, I feel so proud of myself! I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous still because I am but because she is such a mover and kicker it helps! Please continue to keep us in prayer for a healthy baby girl!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Chew it, chew it......

Jonathan is continuing to do great with feeding. He has mastered pudding texture loves Carmel Dulce DE leche pudding (my boy)! He is doing really well with graham cracker crumbs crushed in it and now we are doing cheerios! We have done noodles and he really likes it especially if it has cheese, he does get a bit nervous when its first introduced in his mouth but we sing..

chew it, chew it, chew it
chew it so you don't choke
chew it, chew it, chew it
chew it so it goes down your throat.

He loves the song and knows exactly what to do when its sung.I admit the exercise that we do in his mouth has really helped, no more gagging we have been able to get the spoon to the back of his mouth with no problems. The exercise is from Beckmans so how you do it is: put your first finger inside mouth, thumb on outside and do big circles while pulling out a little on cheek while you do it. Start out so your kiddo don't choke and within a week or two you will probably be able to get to the back molar area!

My parents took him to the state fair and he rode the carousal then he sat with my father and a baby kangaroo. He wasn't so sure about it and you can tell by the pic he might have not enjoyed sharing papa's lap!

This weekend we are taking Jonathan to cedar point an amusement park in Ohio and camping. The weather is starting to get cold starting this weekend so its almost time for summer to come to an end!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Jonathans home and his first dentist appointment!

Jonathan is home I missed him so much! He seems to have grown longer but not really any wider but thats o.k he is a very happy boy! He tried some new food with stew being his favorite, yuck he didn't get that from me:) My parents took tons of video but no pictures! I thought maybe he would forget who I was but I was standing at the gate waiting for them to get off the plane and when he seen me he just started laughing, guess he didn't forget!

The next day we went to our state fair and he pet lots of animals and licked the powder off my funnel cake, I only ate a bit because of the diabetes!

Today he had his first visit to the dentist, she was awesome very friendly and kind! She talked for a little bit then got Jonathan to smile and laugh then went in his mouth he didn't cry, moan nothing she scraped his teeth to check the strength then brushed them in which he laughed cause at home when we brush we say tickle tickle tickle your teeth then she applied some fluoride. She was very impressed with how white, straight and strong his teeth are after being in the NI for so long. He does have an underbite which may change with his growing jaw and every tooth is popped through except his lateral teeth on the bottom you can feel them but their not through so we have to just wait. It was so nice to go see a doctor and finally hear everything is good and no problems!