Monday, November 23, 2009

My big 2 year old!

Seriously where does time go? My little man turned 2 years old yesterday and even though we didn't have a great big party we had fun. Jonathan is doing better he isn't 100% but hes 90% back to his norms. We are getting another blood draw today to check his liver it has been questionable the last two times so please pray everything turns out o.k today!
Jonathan LOVES to be out so we went for a drive stopped and got a frosty from Wendys, he loves these things! We went home and just celebrated the 6 of us, my dad and brother we're there too!
Its been trying the last couple weeks with a newborn and on top of that having Jonathan cry and not know what is wrong, so to say I am happy he is almost back to norm is an understatement! I really want to get him back in his pony walker but he is having nothing to do with it, oh well I have to give him time to get back in the groove of things. He really is not enjoying Leah, a lot of sibling rivalry! Whenever he sees me holding her he cries, if she cries he starts crying, he stares at her and wont even smile. He wants me all to himself which in a way makes me sad I want him to like Leah and I know its going to take time but its heartbreaking when I pick her up and he gives me those puppy dog eyes and tears are streaming down his face, he doesn't know why he is not getting 110% of my attention anymore. I have talked with a few micro preemie moms that have had a special needs child then another baby and said the transition was anywhere between 4 and 10 weeks till the older one got used to the idea of another sibling.
Even though its been two years I still miss my other little boy Preston he only lived a short while but I think of him everyday, I imagine what it would be like today with 2 toddlers running around and driving me crazy! I really wish I could have kept them in longer, I wish I could of kept them safe like Leah. I miss you and love you Preston and can't wait for the day we all meet again!
Jonathan, we love you and you are doing awesome with everything you are a very determined little boy, you set out and do things doctors said you wouldn't be able to do. You amaze us, you bring us so much joy your the love of our lives and can't wait to see what this coming year brings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love those eyes!!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Some pictures of Leah

The bottom one is me, notice any resemblance?
Our first outing to the pediatrician

I Have only time now to post pics but will do an update later. Leah is a pretty easy baby she is up from 12 to 5am mostly eating, can you believe she is almost eating as much as Jonathan! Jonathan on the other hand is not doing so good I have been in tears a lot because hormones I'm sure but we are back to Jonathan crying day and night it all started about the time Leah came home! He is not eating so good he has actually lost a pound so of course dr. is worried but she agrees first thing we need to do is figure out why he is crying and upset! So please pray that Jonathan gets better soon!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Leah Marie has arrived, 5 weeks early!
She was born at 35.1 weeks. Justin and I were aware that it was possible going to happen wednesday when I went for my nst tuesday. Leah looked great on the nst however I was requiring very little insulin to no insulin at all the last couple days. The doctors discussed that this was a sign the placenta could possible "shut down" in a couple days in which we would of had a stillbirth, very scary!!! So we went back for another nst on wednesday and the day before needed no insulin(my insulin requirements were 4 shots a day for a total of almost 200units, a lot) so that happened at 9am and we were sent down to labor and deliver to get prepared.I was very nervous but knew we made it a lot longer than 25 weeks and knew GOD was in complete control. At 341 pm little Miss Leah was born weighing at 5lbs 4ounces and crying on top of her lungs, only a micro mom would understand why I was crying and laughing at the same time it was music to our ears! She was 18 inches long and required NO NICU time we all came home this last saturday and will update more but for now this will do, I'm tired and its hectic around here!

Monday, November 2, 2009

A hospital stay for me!

So I got admitted to the university thursday night but was able to come home friday late 9pm. The reason for the stay is that my blood pressures have been high or higher than when I first became pregnant my "normal" bp was 116/ mid 70's well the last few weeks its been creeping to about 135's over 90's so last week they asked me all the preclamptic questions if I had blurred vision, headache, sudden swelling, pain in upper right of stomach and I said no to all the above I felt fine. So come thursday I had a severe headache, took 2 tylenol and took a nap, I am so very, very thankful my parents are here to help because I don't know what I would do! Anyway I woke up to the same headache and just thought well it will go away sooner or later plus I was excited because Justin and I were going to get a tour of the birthing rooms later that evening not knowing I was going to get my own private tour! Well Justin came home and said you look pale are you o.k I told him I had a headache for about the last 3 to 4 hours he freaked and called the triage and talked with a nurse they told us to come in and I explained that we had a tour up there and we would come up after if I was still having a headache! Well long story longer we did miss the tour because my headache did get worse. They took my bp and it was 138/95 they started an i.v of saline took cultures and then took another bp which was now 141/105 I was going to be admitted! The residents then decided AFTER all blood work and cultures came back NORMAL that they should start me on magnesium (I HATE this stuff) which I have never had and it really no really sucks! My insulin a bp cuff consistently on my right arm a foley catheter and leg pressure cuffs so I wouldn't get blood clots!!!!!!! I was very upset to say the least my headache was gone after they gave me percoset(sp?) my test came back normal but oh ya I was at a teaching university so hopefully someone there learned something! I was not allowed to get up, or eat and those that know me I get a little feisty when hungry. So then they wanted to do a 24 hr urine test, they had to wake me every hr to make sure I knew who I was because mag. affects everyone different so sleep was not happening that night to say the least. The did give me the steroid shot x'2 hence why I couldn't leave till 9pm because they have to be 24 hrs apart and I really forgot how much that shot hurts! The best thing that did happen though is I got to hear Leah hiccups, kicks, moving everything and she was a superstar I was worried when the docs started talking delivery because I really want to make it to at least 36 weeks (tomorrow I'm 35) but was also very thankful that if she was going to be born 9 weeks longer than the boys is very significant! So I am home now monitoring my bp which has still been high but no other symptoms so they are saying I'm a mild case of preclampsia but that could turn around to severe overnight! I really wish the docs/nurses would know when not to explain things because I have a very worried/frantic husband and now if I even walk to far he wants me to check my bp to make sure I'm o.k, God knows I love him!