Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Introducing James Landon

I really can't believe I haven't updated the blog since I was 35 weeks pregnant:-/ James Landon was born (38 weeks) on March 9th 2012. He weighed 6 lbs 15 Oz, he was 20 3/4 inches! He had a little fluid on his lungs and was taken to the nesting room to be monitored. He was then given to me and I started nursing him! He was perfect and big, big to us! Jon and Leah came to see him and Jon was reluctant and Leah wanted to hold him! We went home after 2 days. When we got home Leah was calling him "baby duck" we are not sure where she got that from but she was not to happy mommys time was consumed fully by James! I put James next to Jon on the floor and Jon tried to get his arm around James and move him closer! Leah came over to them and took Jon's arm and said to me "Jon don't like baby duck either!" That night Leah made herself throw up and didn't sleep that good. I was so sad and made it a mission that the next day I would involve her as much as possible. The next morning I had Leah help get diapers and change James, she held him and read a book to him! By the evening Leah was kissing James and saying she loves him! We seen the dr. On day 3 and everything was great he was gaining very slowly so they wanted us to come back in a couple days just to make sure he was gaining. We went back and he was still gaining slow and they wanted to check his jaundice level since he was a little yellow. We were sent home and it was terrible weather we were under a tornado warning. About 4 hours later we got a phone call to take James to the hospital because his bilirubin was high! We drove in the midst od the tornado, the hospital was on watch and everyone was in the hallway since every room had a window and the tornado was seen in Ann Arbor. I was crying and told them they had to figure out how to get James under the lights as soon as possible! They were awesome and had the dr come talk to me and tell me it was not serious but elevated and they just want to get the levels down as fast as possible! We were there at 7pm and lights were started around 8:20p. His level was 21 and by the next morning he was down to 14! We were able to go home! The first two weeks were hard! Nursing was demanding he was a snacker. He was always nursing and he wasn't really gaining fast. By week 2 he was back to his birth weight. He was nursing all. the. time. every where we went he was attached. My friends and family said "wow he is always eating"! By week 8 he finally slowed down and was sleeping more at night and his weight was WAY up! At 2 months he weighed 11 lbs!!!! He is now 12 weeks old and is the happiest baby I have ever met! If he isn't smiling he is nursing! Both Jon and Leah love him so much! He is a perfect addition to our house!