Thursday, May 14, 2009

Been awhile!

Jonathan is doing good! We went to his hearing doctor and again his hearing is improving funny enough its improving without his hearing aids in!! So they turned the hearing aids down and now I'll try them a little to see if this helps otherwise we will continue what we have been doing obviously it works! So know both ears are considered mild hearing loss, that is just music to my ears! He is babbling a lot more no real words but his voice is great and getting stronger! He does know when he wants something and can "talk" with his eyes or by motion of his mouth. An ex. is when we ask him if he wants water he opens his mouth with his tongue out, its pretty funny. He is doing fabulous with "eating" we are really try to desensitize his mouth he is fine with anything going in but only the front of his mouth when you get to the back molar area he gags so we are doing lots of oral exercises. He has had his one bottom tooth for a good month and know his front top tooth is half way out and two teeth right next to it are showing so hes been miserable for awhile! He is drinking by mouth 2 of his 6 bottles he loves whole milk and he is still gaining despite the lesser of calories whole milk has compared to formula but I want him completely off formula.He also drink from his sippy or bottle about 5 to 7ozs of water a day! He is now a chunky monkey at 19lbs 10 ozs. Soon we will be turning his carseat around which I'm a little nervous over since the head control, well isn't under control. I don't want to look in the mirror every time and his head be flopped over! I do know he will love when he can turn around because he is such a people person he watches everyone when were out. Talking about out it is so wonderful to finally be able to go outside, go to the zoo which we finally got a membership to because I think Jonathan enjoys looking at the animals, we went up north last weekend and it turned out beautiful. Jonathan woke up at 630am his usually time and daddy took him since he is working so much he wanted to bond, much to my surprise when I woke up at 9am (oh it feels so nice to sleep in)they were both asleep in the bed! Jonathan must have felt me move because he opened one eye and I got the biggest smile, I loved it. I am so happy its spring the summer for us goes by way to fast. We have almost every weekend taken up till mid august! We again this year will have many trips up north to the cabin, we are going to mackinaw island, a cedar point trip, a camping trip with our friends, our 3rd annual 4th of july party, and I think we are going to start the tradition of going to Michigan adventure ever summer it was fun last year the resort was so nice and it was on the lake! SO to say we have a busy summer is an understatement! Jonathan is exactly like Justin and I he loves to be out he does not like being couped up in the house but I still think that even though we would have loved to venture out this winter it was the best thing we did to stay home and have therapy come to us and limit our doc appt., we didn't have many colds and the couple he got he fought very well! Next year maybe we'll go out more and not be in such a bubble because when he's 3 he'll start preschool and I want him to have a strong immune system! I really can't even fathom preschool he's still my baby! So long for now!