Thursday, November 10, 2011

Leah is 2!!

Leah at 1 month old!

Leah almost 2

Leah turned 2 on the 4th! SHe is an amazing little girl with so much spunk and attitude. She is very busy never sitting to long in case she misses something. She is even more involved with Jon and still kisses him a few times throughout the day. They are the best of friends. Her vocabulary is out of this world and she is learning her colors and is getting very good at recognizing them. I need to be more diligent about potty training because she would have it down but I am not staying consistent so I need to work on that. Her appetite is good and she is starting to get picky but if she doesn't like it she just won't eat then 10 minutes later asks for a snack! She puts her own shoes on and picks her clothes from a choice I give her. She loves pretend play, cooking is her favorite thing. COloring is another favorite of hers. She draws all over our picture windows but she likes to clean so she gets a wipee and cleans it off:-) She is not shy at all and says hi to everyone she would even talk up a storm if you listen. If she doesn't agree with what you say her thing right now is saying "bad mommy, daddy, papa, mimi ect but never Jon she says he is always good! She also has started about a month ago telling us she is crying. She will come to me and say "mommy, Leah is crying" so then I say why and she comes up with some doseies! Like nemo misses me, which means she wants to watch it, or my tummy is hungry! She is a riot!

It is still hard to believe she entered this world two years ago and so much has changed and to watch her grow is amazing. God has been good to us that is for sure!

Happy Birthday sweet Leah Marie!