Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cedar Point!!!

Oh my word does time go by fast with two kids! With therapy, and summer we are hardly ever home!

So we bought season passes to Ceder Point in Ohio. I knew Jon would love the shows but was a bit skeptical about Leah not sure if she would like the kiddie rides. We started by just walking around and then Leah said "go on" so I went on her first ride and it was history from there she went by herself most of the time after that.
This made me realize she is already being very independent which of course is awesome however depressing because time is flying by so fast so completely fast:-( Jon loved watching Leah get whipped around and of course she was screaming with enjoyment which made Jon laugh a bit more! I do see however him look at her as to think why is she getting to do these things and I can't. It does break my heart as I do try to get him on a few rides but with him not being able to sit up there is a very limited amount he can go on. When the attendant does let us get on a ride with him, like the antique cars, he was in heaven! He tried with all his might to "get" sissy. All I think about is if this boy could walk she would be in so much trouble, or he would be from picking on her all the time. We have a few vacations up our sleeves this year of course our one every year vacation of Michigan Adventure and I am pretty sure we are headed to WEst Virginia again for some white water rafting. I believe my family and myself and kids will be heading to Tennessee for a week to visit with my aunt and her family. And we are hoping to get some nice camping in here soon! I am going to try and post more but we shall see how that goes:-)