Monday, April 4, 2011

Family cruise 2011

So we were scared that Jonathan wasn't going to be able to make the cruise due to rsv, however with God's hand over him and a lot of prayer he did get to go! W ehad so much fun. My parents,brother, aunt, uncle and grandma went! We flew to ft. Lauderdale, fl and then headed to Miami. We stayed in a beautiful condo that overlooked the ocean, mind you we left 20 degree weather and woke up to 80's! Then we headed to the Keys, I love this place so inviting and fun! The next day we left on the cruise ship, Royal Caribbean to the Bahamas! The first day was a bit hectic trying to get everything situated but after that we settled in and it was smooth sailing, no pun intended!
The best part was getting the kids ready for bed and we would lay Jon on the bed and Leah would "attack" him with kisses, oh I love that so much and so does he!! By the second night I would honestly say about 1/4 of the boat knew Leah by name! She would say "hi" and "bye bye" to everyone including blowing kisses to every other person she met. They had a nightly band and dancing, well little miss Leah had to be center of attention and dance too. She would have crowds coming to see her dance and my little sassafrass had NO shy bone and she can definitely shake it! They also do nightly pictures and I think this might have been Leahs favorite time because after the first night the same photographer would say "Leah do you want your picture taken?" Leah then would say "down" and run over there and start posing!
I think everyone had a blast the only downfall was coming home we had a 4 hour delay and didn't end up getting home till 2am, not fun with kids! We can't wait to do it again next year but next year will be the Disney cruise, YAHOO!

Pneumonia and RSV!!

So we finally got it! RSV is no fun at all. Jon started coughing which wasn't to bad but by the third day he seemed really hot so I took his temp and it was 102, o.k so off to the e.r! I HATE going to the hospital but knew we had to do something since his cough was getting worse and the nebulizer, inhaler, and cough syrup wasn't doing a dang thing! We were up to back to back treatments every 3 hours with no end in sight! So when we go t to the hospital his temp. was 104.9 and coughing so hard. They did the breathing treatments 4 in a row and it seemed to calm the coughing, they started steroids after the x-ray showed pneumonia too. We were admitted and to tell you the truth it was the first time we didn't hear anything about his weight or nothing negative! The dr. was actually the same one we seen in 08' the last time we were in the hospital! She remembered us, not sure if that is a good thing or bad! But she said she would never forget us because of how much she seen the love I had for Jon and wasn't going to give up on try to help him. (If you go back to 08' post of hospital I did a lot of crying) She said she was happy I told her about the cp growth chart and she now uses it and if the child is not losing weight she totally understands that growth is very hard for these children! So we were there for 3 and 1/2 days! We did hbot the next day and then the following day and even though the doctors said he would have the cough for a few weeks it was gone, completely gone after his 2nd treatment! We are also very blessed that even though Leah played with her brother she never came down with it! I truly believe not exposing her to ALL those vaccines has helped her immune system so much!