Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sorry its been so long

Feb 11-19th
Jonathan has/is doing excellent he is gaining he is now 6lbs 3ozs, he is still on cpap however it has been 1 week as of today(19th) at 5a.m with no bradys which means no bagging!!!!! He had an eye exam on the 12th and still immature which the docs say that usually if they have an eye problem we would see it by now so we hope and pray it stays that way! they have increased his milk over the last week and as of today he is up to 53 ccs every 3 hours this little guy can eat! The doctors were going to start weaning his cpap pressure down this week but he is doing really good and he is growing and his lungs and trachea are healing so they are just going to postpone it till this friday then they may start weaning him. Just today he is starting to throw tempertantrums he would fuss and we would give him his paci and he would fall asleep just to us pulling out his paci he would throw his little arms up and start crying this happened for 2 hours, he's fiesty! We also met his pediatrician today he seems really nice he actually came up to the hospital which the nurses say rarely happen so when we do go home we will have to see him the very next day!So Jonathan is doing good and we now pray that he continues to grow get stronger and come home!!

on a very sad note our favorite nurse kim will not be back for a couple weeks it has been very hard but I have been praying not only for Jonathan but also for Kim, she had a complication with her surgery and ended up in i.c.u she went home a day later however she is back in the hospital with a blood clot, so please when you pray for Jonathan tonight please include Kim she really is our angel!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

No Kim for 10 days:(

Feb 10th
I have good news and bad news, good news is Jonathan is doing great today he had a huge bm that Kim got to clean and he had a little sponge bath cause he spit up! The bad news is is that Kim is leaving us for 10 days she has to have surgery and i pray everything goes well with her but she is the only nurse that can make everything better (as Justin says"is the only one that can keep me level headed") you have no idea what she does she goes above and beyond plus she care so much for Jonathan, I know she will be back, she knows how much I depend on her! I could tell she was going to miss jonathan because she picked him up today so I could hold him and she just held him next to her and told him to be a good boy (he does listen pretty good)! Well we will miss Kim but we pray that everything turns out good and she recovers well!!

My baby shower

We had my baby shower today, Jonathan is going to be quite spoiled but thats o.k! Kim was there to take care of him during the day thats why I had my baby shower today. She really is an angel I trust her so much with Jonathan. Well the docs did a chest xray and Jonathans lungs are not expanding as much as they should so they are going to increase his peep to 7 instead of 5 and hope that it will compensate for his lung exspansion. Justin and I seen Jonathan tonight he is so darn cute he was just smiling up a storm (had a lot of gas)! Please just continue to pray that he can get off this machine soon!!

1 step forward 2 steps back!!!

Feb 8th
Well we seem to hit a speed bump! Jonathan had to get bagged at 1245am. The doctor came and talked with justin and I and said that they are going to take jonathan off canula and put him back on cpap for about 2 weeks since his apnea is not getting better. hopefully in a couple weeks we will see an improvement. So as of now breastfeeding will be halted but Justin and I both agree that this might be the best for him since he seems to be getting bagged a bit to much for as big as he is, we will just continue praying!!

No baggings

Feb 7
Jonathan is doing good today. He now has the feeding tube in his nose. He is on low setting of oxygen for both nasal and cpap! He seems to be getting bigger everyday!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Real feeding

Feb. 6th
Jonathan did have 3 baggings the last one was at 240am! He is going to try breastfeeding for 10 mins for the first time, he did great I was a bit nervous though! The docs might want to try something different with jonathan because he is getting bagged a lot he doesn't seem tired and he does come back right away after his bagging but they will discuss more tomorrow!


He is so big compared to his 1lbs 12ozs! Jonathan did require a bagging at 12am however they are going to alternate 6hours on canulla and 3 hours cpap. Jonathan received a shot (synergis) today. This is for RSV it helps build his immune system because rsv to us is a common cold but to preemies it is deadly, so from sept till april he will get this shot every month for this season and next! The neos say by age 2 preemies immune system will be that of their peers so he won't need it past next season the other down fall is that jonathan will have to stay in the house those months and no vistors allowed because of the rsv (we have seen to many preemies in picu (pediatric intensive care) for rsv and their reintubated and have i.v's and they may not make it they are so frail) so Justin and I won't take a chance of having to be back in the hospital and see Joanthan suffer, jonathan will have many years with us so a season is not going to hurt anyone! Some family is upset because even when he comes home in march he won't be allowed visitors (according to docs) till May even then you have to be healthy and wash, wash can not exspress enough wash your hands before touching Jonathan! I love all of you but you would be just as careful as I am if it were your baby!

A good day

Feb. 4
Jonathan had a great day today with no bagging episodes! The doctors are pleased with him he just needs to outgrow his apnea, it is taking him a bit longer than most but its because he is a twin and he was very sick in the begining. he received his immunization shots and it just made him a little sleepy!

Monday, February 4, 2008

4lbs 14ozs

He is getting bigger and stronger! Jonathan needed a bagging at noon today, Justin and I were on our way from church so hopefully this will be the only one! When we got there I didn't hold him I just wanted him to rest maybe at 6pm when he is back on nasal! Grandma and grandpa shigley and grandma and grandpa vollbach came up to see their big boy grandson (Ilove saying that)! He looks great and comfortable at 6pm I couldnt take it anymore i had to hold him! He did great he high satted the whole time! I had to put him back at 7pm, thats when the nurses do their rounds andthe parents have to leave it was so hard putting him back in his crib but he did good, i swaddled him and he went back to sleep! As of midnight he is still doing excellent!

Terrible scare

I held him today and he needed to be put back into his crib because he desat requiring a bagging! I tried again about an hour later and he seemed to be great high satting and everything, then all of a sudden his body went limp and he was the darkest blue you could think, I yelled for Justin to get the nurse and I was crying so hard I stood up put Jonathan back in his crib and the nurse had to bag him for a while it was so scary, he is fine but I couldn't stop crying i just kept playing it my head I NEVER WANT TO SEE THAT AGAIN!!!!!! He is so perfect, I hate seeing him hurt or struggle! He recovered shortly after and was smiling again! the nurse practioner is not worried its just the way Jonathan is and they promise us that he will out grow it, I hope sooner than later! He has not needed another bagging, he just needs to keep getting bigger and stronger!


Jonathan did fine during the night so we will alternate cpap 3 hours then nasal 3 hours and so on. We are continuing non-nutrative feeding and today he didn't fall asleep boy oh boy he likes it!! Kim doesn't think he will have a problem with feedings so he sould do good when it comes time for real feedings! No baggings today!

What a surprise

Jan. 31
I called this morning and Jonathan had a good night, Kim told me she had a surprise for me when I got there! When I got to the hospital jonathan was id a crib, no more isolette!! Plus he has such good gases he no longer needs his TCM (measures CO2) plus he gets to start non-nutrative feeding!!!!!!! He fell asleep during the feeding but high satted the whole time! However when we put him back into the crib he needed bagging! Jonathan doesn't like big changes all at once, he needed two more baggings so the docs put him back on c-pap and we will see how he does during the night. My little pumpkin does try very hard but this was just to much to fast!