Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The pony walker

Jonathan has done it! He is now walking forward with his pony walker and its without the headrest!!! It is very exciting because the therapy place we were borrowing it from needed it back so we we're left without one then the therapist through the school district started coming and said that our good friends (the Buckleys) daughter didn't need it anymore because she is a champ and walking better without it! Good for us and great for them, anyway the way it was set up is the seat is tilted forward and there is a big table attached so Jonathans arms can rest on that, we put a blanket on the table and he rests his head on that but uses his arms to lift that noggin when he is walking. I will post pics and I would really love to post a video so you can all hear his great laugh, he loves it and looks so happy doing it!
We now have almost all therapy in home for the season, p.t and speech and hopefully in the next month o.t too! We did join aqua therapy again and its on saturdays and its one on one and there are only 3 other kiddos that day, so I am loving it he is not exsposed to any children so hopefully that means he wont get to sick this winter!
As most of you know I am now 34 weeks along and very tired! The plan to take the cerclage out is when I hit 37 weeks and by the way it looks from my last c-section operative report I will be able to go vaginally if I want there are pros and cons! So they say once they take the cerclage out it could be 2 days or a week and everything will happen, they definitly wont let me go past 38 weeks because of the diabetes. The nst are going good we did get a scare last friday because Leahs heartrate was going tachicardic (sp?), very fast but as soon as I went to the bathroom, which seems lately is every 45 mins to hour she cooperated. So we're chugging along only a bit longer and then my beautiful baby girl will be here!!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Great growth survey for Leah!

So just wanted to let our faithful followers know that our appointment went great yesterday! Leah looks great she had the hiccups while they were listening to her heart so in between a beat you heard a hiccup! She is a whooping 4lbs 6ozs. I am going to start non stress tests next week every tuesday and friday also they check the fluid levels once a week I think I am really getting excellent care this time round. We are all starting to get a little nervous but was almost in tears when the doc came in to talk to Justin and I and said how remarkable she looks and what a great job I have been doing! I think Jonathan is going to be so surprised but he is such a loving little boy it will all be good. I praise God everyday that she has been able to stay in, just one more day. They scared me a little about the swine flu and if it were to become a pandemic only Justin would be allowed in for the birth and stay, so I pray there is no pandemic but I remember when hospital and doctors offices were freaked out about SARS way back in 2003 or 04 (I think) and we never had a pandemic just scared everyone out of there whits! Well I am getting more and more excited everyday I can't wait to see just how beautiful she is, so only 4.5 more weeks!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Everything is good!

Jonathan is no longer going to go to our very awesome o.t. Stephanie was amazing with Joanthan but because of the flu season I just can't risk him getting sick plus he is not getting the H1N1 vaccination I have to be extra cautious, just wish other parents would do this and not send their sick child to therapies/school its not fair to anyone! We hate leaving but will be back in the spring. We will definitly be diligent about feeding Jonathan because I don't want him to lose what he has learned! We thought he was coming down with a cold but it looks like its just me. I was miserable the last 3 days yesterday I finally went to docs and he said it was bronchitis so I took the antibiotic and today am feeling much better! We gave Jonathan this great homeopathic medicine for cold and cough and it really seemed to work his cough stopped the next day!
I am now 32 weeks pregnant and its getting very clear to me that Leah has little room in my belly she will stretch so Justin and I will be amazed to see this little round head sticking out of one side of my belly, very cute! Tomorrow we go in for growth and am hoping she is almost 4 pounds, 4 pounds that just sounds huge to me and everyother micro preemie mom! It looks like after talking with the doc yesterday we are going to induce at 37 weeks and I really wanted to try vaginal labor but I guess the risk is to high for uterine rupture but I am o.k with this because I just want a healthy baby girl and am praying we can make it to 37 weeks, only 5 weeks left!!!!!!!!!!