Sunday, August 22, 2010

Michigan Adventure

So I completely forgot to post on out recent Michigan Adventure camping trip!

We went about 3 weeks ago and it was great, the weather, the kids, the park! So we stayed at a new rv resort called duck creek it was awesome a great play area, a pool and hot tub, shuffleboard, and basketball! We took the camper and stayed 5 days we enjoyed just relaxing a couple of those days and went to the park and met up with one of Jonathans super therapists! Jonathan did get to go on some rides like the antique cars and the marry go round and ferris wheel it was really neat to see him enjoy that. Then we headed to the water park where Jon slept the whole time and Leah took a nice nap while on the lazy river! Justin and I got to enjoy a couple rides while the kids were being watched by my dad and brother, it was fun!

We headed up to ludington and met up with my cousin and her husband for some tasty ice cream then we headed back to camp to bbq and watch all the kids in the park cruise around with their bikes that had glow sticks on them (it was the parks version of the dream cruise)
Jon really enjoyed that! So it was a really nice trip that even when we left I got to go do some retail therapy for school clothes for Jon! If anyone is looking for great pants that are really slim, like Jon is. Baby gap/gap kids, has them new this year there called the 1969 slim pant the are small in the waist and legs and they're adjustable(waist)if your kid like mine has a super tiny waist!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

West Virginia 2010

What a blast this vacation was! Its was hot very hot but we all had so much fun well maybe not the whole time!
So we left wednesday and spent the night in Ohio we arrived at our cabin early thursday. We checked out our surronding tried to organize our days and what we were going to do beside white water raft! We did some sightseeing thursday and just relaxed and that night we enjoyed a fire while sitting in the hot tub that was on the deck looking into the woods a bit freaky but it was relaxing which was much needed even the kids slept good that night! Friday Justin and I went rafting while my parents took the kids for a hike and lunch. Rafting was so much fun this was my 6th time rafting and Justins 1st so it just happened to be that we were both the captains of our raft which is really funny because we are both seriously competitve so when the guide said forward it was like a race to see which one of us could get our side going faster! The guide cracked me up both of us liked him and we will definitly request him again. So in all my rafting I have NEVER fell in well of course we being miss big shot was telling justin we are coming up to the first rapids and boom I fell in! I don't think I have ever seen the look he had on his face before it was the look that he just lost me forever, it was nice! But after I got back in he never let me live it down. So there was afew spots the guide let us jump in and float on our backs though class 1 rapids (very mild) and it was fun until he warned us about the copperhead and rattle snakes that like to swim across the river thats all it took I no longer went into the water! So the guide said this was the last of teh rapids we could get out and swim if we wanted, nope nadda not me! So it was little ol me by myself in the raft all the rest of the folks even the guide went in until he came up behind me and pulled me in and Justin was in on it!!!! Oh well it was all in good fun. So we got back to camp and I ran up to teh kids and the look on my parents face told the whole story, I said was she hard to deal with and both together said"yea" my dad went on to say not for a little longer will we watch her she has lungs and she knows how to use them! What I forgot to mention is Leah is really starting to be clingy to me and only me its pretty much mama ALL. THE. TIME! So after kissing on teh kids we went for a hike! It was a great hike 3 miles long and it was pretty strenuos up the mountain to the most beautiful ridge looking over the river we rafted and the famous arched bridge! Now that night we needed teh hot tub because we were sore! Saturday the boys (justin and dad) went zip lining it looked fun but its drop off was really high and you got up to 50 to 60 mph and that scared me a bit! They had fun and thats all that mattered, there were some awesome ATV trails which we are hoping to take our new rzr out to next year! Then we did some hiking along the river and let Leah play in it, Jon wasn't havening it he just wanted to "walk" we went back to the cabin and yes went in the hot tub again. Sunday we left, it was so much fun and can't wait for next year! Our summers go by way to fast we stay so busy and fall is just around the corner here in Michigan! We are hoping to do one more small vacation before hibernation, we are hoping to go to Kalahari resort and then it will be time for halloweekends at ceder point!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

9 months old

o.k so I am a little late for this but hey better late than never! We just got back from our 5 day vaca from W. Virginia but I will update on that later.

So little miss Leah is 9 months old! She is doing great into everything! She was in the 50% percentile for weight, height and head circumference. She crawls everywhere and is trying to stand up it's actually really scary how fast she is developing. She eats great when she likes it and it has to be from plum organics or ella organics she's picky!She loves to feed herself even if that means getting the food into her hair and ALL over her face, its messy but i love it its a wonderful thing to see her explore and try new things! She is babbling all the time says mama constantly and ba for balloon she loves balloons. She is not sleeping great at the moment through the night but she is cutting yet another tooth this will mean she will have 7 teeth which is far more than she should have at her age. She is trying so very hard to do a somersault which even amazed our pediatrician when she seen it! So all in all she is a spunky little girl with so much life and love to give, I love her so much even if it means sleepless nights again for awhile!

Friday, August 6, 2010

A glimpse into Euro-Peds!

So we are through with our second week of Euro-peds and even though the first week was rough, a couple blue spells due to the stretching we are gaining so much more head control and range of motion with Jonathans legs!

So like I said the first week was rough! Just a different therapist and environment was a lot. Then add intense stretching some lady massaging arms and legs while laying on warm body packs for 45 minutes. Then its exercise time! So the first day was arm splints on, in crawling position, sand bag on legs to keep tone down(excellent idea) and lift, lift, lift your head! Then he did some chin tucks on a giant ball then he sat up while keeping his head up, this is all very difficult for Jon and sometimes he uses his tone to keep his head up but hey whatever works! So the stretching and massage is at every visit but the exercises will change from day to day. The second visit was that Jonathan got to ride a bike, this bike was very cool!
SO the therapist and Jon's aide helped get him in strap him up and as I am watching I say please watch his g-tube area and they already had a custom pad around it then I say are you sure he can do this he has very little head control the response I get, he will be o.k mom we've seen kids like him before and they do fine. And that's it he did just fine nothing around his head to keep it up he did it all by himself!!! It was so cool I was really trying to hide my tears as my little boy cruised with help up and down the hallway and he was keeping his head up by himself the whole way.
He lasted about 10 minutes then he was exhausted they got him out but he still had to do some sitting exercises for the last 15 minutes by the time we left and got into the car he was out and snoring! I love this bike and if he continues to love it as much as he did I think we will have to invest in one for Christmas!
I do have to say that some of the exercises that he does we have done before however their techniques like the sandbag on his legs to keep his tone down is fantastic or using the arm wraps for his head control brilliant. I really think he has already gained a lot from here in the short 2 weeks and there is so much more they have to offer ideas, equipment, techniques it's great not only for Jon but for me to use these techniques and to help other parents try these ideas they may have not known about.
I think we will be doing another round of HBOT in September in conjunction with Euro-peds and see if that does anything!