Saturday, August 27, 2011

So far behind!

I have really slacked this year in blogging. However no news is good news! Everyone is doing great and we are thoroughly enjoying this HOT summer. Here is a break down of the things we have been doing..

-We went to visit my aunt and uncle in Tennessee in July. I love the mountains and the kids loved going on the nature walks.
-We went to Michigan Adventure were everyone has a great time! We went with my parents and Justins parents it was really fun since Jon did get to go on more than the merry go round:-)
-We stayed in Frankenmuth for the weekend. One of our favorite go to places with the kids.
-We leave this monday for a vactation to Chicago and then Wisconsin Dells.

Jon is doing awesome! He is really getting the hang of his power wheelchair, we should have it in about 3 months. So now we are on the look out for a van so we can transport it.
Leah is a hoot! Her vocabulary is astonishing! She makes up for what Jon can't say. She loves him so much and often times I will find her rubbing his head and singing twinkle twinkle.

I promise to update with a better post soon. Its almost fall here so we won't be going out much more.