Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jon is 4!

So I win slacker mom of the year! Jonathan turned 4 on november 22nd and between colds and being pregnant I am just now getting to this post:-(

I am in awe that my little man, the baby that wasn't going to make it is 4 years old! He is my hero and he is doing great! We had a heck of a set back with him getting a cold early november then it turned into something nasty we are still unsure but it lingered its ugly head till the beginning of Dec.! Of course this came at a time when his 4 yr check up was due so his weight was not so great. However his developmental specialist thought he is doing awesome!

His speech is really coming around he tries so hard to mimic our mouth movements in order to say the word! He is very good at ya and more. He is drinking about 3 to 4 ozs from a sippy cup (chocolate milk) and LOVES it! I really think it helps him watch his sister!

He is getting ready for his power wheelchair to arrive and we are on the hunt for a van! Next year Jon will be in school full time and this freaks me out but I do know he wants to go as I ask him and he grins and says "ya". He is growing up so fast maybe not physically but he is so darn smart! I can't wait till we get his eye gaze device so he can show the world just how smart he is.

He loves his sister so much and she loves to help him every chance she can! She now wants to "pick him up" however that isn't happening any time soon, lol! She helps him walk with our assistance, gives him his sippy cup, reads to him, dances and sings for him (he thinks that is hilarious) she is such an awesome kid they both are!

Jon knows he is getting another brother not sure how much he "gets it" but he knows another baby is on the way! He is the best big brother and I just know that he will love his baby brother so much!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Jon!

I hope to come back and see you moving your new power chair.